10 Style & Life Tips From The Military[0:00:00] [Music]So, this last month I was back in San Diego visiting some old military buddies, and Iwent to Marine Corps Recruiting Depot to watch a graduation and I can tell you it was motivatingto watch those devil dogs on that graduation day go out there and put on a show. And, it got me thinking I wrote down you knowI need to create another video talking about the style and the life tips that I took fromthe Marine Corps and I think any man is taken from the military that you can use to becomea better you. Are you ready, guys? Let’s do it. So, the first lesson I want to share withyou is take the time to master the basics.So were there at that graduation, I mentionedthat it’s 10 weeks long Marine Corps boot camp and my wife is like, oh, that’s not toolong to learn everything you need to know. And, I’m laughing because, of course, youdon’t learn everything you need to know. They basically learned how to make their beds,how to have the lingo that you need to be a United States Marine, but when you startoff as a private you know basically nothing. And then, you’re going to go to your first,you know, station that they’re going to train you up a bit more, but, again, this is allbasic training. A little bit more advanced training, but it’swhen you show up to your first duty station and you talk and you work with people thatare more experienced with you they’re going to show you how really things operate. This is where you learn and this applies toeverything in life. So many people go to college so many peoplestart to dress it better and they think, oh, I’ve learned everything I need to learn.That is not the case. Life is continuous education and if you’renot doing that you are going to fall behind, you are not going to be successful, you’renot going to be able to achieve your dreams. So, when it applies to style when you startgetting dressing better. Guess what? Okay, you’re better than 95% of guys out there,that’s pretty easy, but can you go up to the next level and then can you start to teachothers because that’s what you learned is that it’s about passing on that knowledge. And, again, guys, don’t think that collegedon’t think that your advanced degree makes you better or makes you smarter than others. No, it’s that continuing education it’s everyday trying to be a bit better than you were the day before. Tip number two, work hard and be proud ofwho you are right now. So, the coolest part is during the graduation,the commanding officer asks all the privates a question, and they sound off and it scarespeople in the audience.And, I love it because these guys these youngmen are so proud and, yet, they’re the lowest rank in the United States Marine Corps, butit doesn’t matter, they are now Marines. And, I know so many of you guys are strugglingor working hard, you just started to dress better, you just made me found my videos,you are, you know, starting off in life, you have may be only a few months experience,you feel like you know nothing, but here’s the deal is that we all start there. Every commanding general started off as alieutenant, every sergeant major of the Marine Corps started off as a private, and that isthe amazing thing is the potential.And so, when you’re getting started understand,yes, you’d like to have more experience be able to — be able to know how to do everything,but understand those guys that are 20, 30 years ahead of you, they would give anythingto be in your shoes to be able to start again and to have the whole world in front of them. Next up, let’s look at the importance of ateam of not being one-dimensional.So, if you go to a Marine Corps graduationwhat you’re going to see is that the navy is there in force because guess what? The navy they take care of all the — I meanthey’re the corpsman, they’re the chaplains, they give us rides around the world and anyonethat’s going to be anything in life whether you want to be the best dressed guy whetheryou want to be the most successful man you’re not going to do it by yourself, you have tosurround yourself with other people that are going to lift you up.If you want to level up your style, there’sonly so much you can pick up watching my videos, reading books. You need to actually surround yourself withpeople that can give you feedback, clothiers that can help build the clothing, guys thatknow shoes to be able to well round out yourself, go out find these forums where guys to talkabout watches when they talk about fragrances. That’s why I have no problem recommendingguys like Jeremy Fragrance, recommending people who many people view as my competitors likeAaron Marino, Jose Zuniga, Raphael over The Gentleman’s Gazette. There were so many — so many other greatguys, guys, that I could reference you guys too. I think you get the point. It is about surrounding yourself with othermen and women that can lift you up to the next level. The next lesson I want to share with you isthe right clothing can make you look amazing. Now, for these young marines, they’re wearingthese uniforms that fit their bodies in the best shape of their lives they just look amazing. And, understand that you’ve got to uniformas well.I don’t know what it is for your particularindustry and the message you want to send, but I know for a lot of guys a suit is theirsuit of armor. This is something that you can wear a jacketand a pair of trousers made from the same fabric. It will make you look taller, make you lookleaner, make you look more trustworthy, more attractive. All these are great things that you want todo especially if you’re in sales, if you’re a consultant, if you’re looking to start yourcompany, go into a bank looking to get a loan. But, let’s say that’s not you. Well, guess what? Put on a leather jacket, a suede jacket, puton something that’s going to build up your shoulders something that’s going to slim youup something maybe more a monochromatic outfit a dark jacket a dark shirt with dark trousers. [0:05:07]Again, what I love about menswear is there were so many things that you can wear andput on your body to hide all the imperfections most of us have, but understand what yourbody type is.Understand what clothing is going to makeyou look like a million bucks and love everything you wear. Gents, the clothing you wear affects yourconfidence, it affects how other people perceive you and how you perceive yourself. Wear the right clothing for the right situationand you’re more likely to succeed. Next up, let’s talk about how the detailsmatter. When you look at a man in uniform you willnotice everything is in its place and every detail has been paid attention to.So, they call it the fruit salad. It’s basically all the medals and ribbonsa marine or a navy officer wears on his chest. Point is is they are in a specific order andevery metal there has a meaning. In fact, if you’re wearing a medal which youdid not earn, guess what? You’re going to get kicked out of the military,you’re going to get court-martialed, you could go to jail for that — that small detail isthat important.And, this is something when it comes downto everything a man does. This applies to your clothing, this appliesto your work. When people look at a marine they can tella guy squared away in the Marine Corps by the way his uniform is pressed, by the waythat he carries himself the way it fits. And a lot of people say, well, how does thisapply to the work he does? Well, it does apply because I can tell ifhe pays attention to his uniform, most likely his rifle is not going to have rust in itbecause he will have cleaned his rifle as well. In fact, he would do that before he took careof his uniform. The same applies at work and the way you dress. If you are very sloppy, you don’t care aboutyour appearance, I get it. You may say that’s not really important, butif you don’t make your bed, I can assume that you don’t clean your dishes. And, if you don’t clean your dishes, I canassume that you don’t really clean your bathroom and I’m not going to want to be your roommate.The same thing applies in business. If you do not look the part, I don’t wantto be your business partner because I’m assuming on a lot of other things you’re not goingto do what needs to be done what I consider to be the bare minimum. And this is the hidden message with the waywe dress. It sends the signal of how we do or do notpay attention to the details.Next up, I want to talk about practicing perfectionand the importance of practicing everything you do. So, if you want to dress sharp, you don’tjust wake up one day and start to dress better. If you want to start wearing a hat, and Ithink every man would look great in a hat. The point is you don’t just wear it one daybecause you’re not going to have the confidence if you’ve never worn a hat. You practice wearing that hat. You wear it around the house where no onenotices where you just kind of get a feeling for it. And then all the sudden, you start buildingup the confidence and you start to feel better about it, then you start to actually not evennotice it and it becomes a second skin it becomes something you love. And this is about dressing sharp. So many guys get started and then they abandonit because they tried to do too much too quickly.No. Practice perfection practice taking a stepin the right direction. Maybe starting to wear that nicer jacket youknow you’re going to get compliments on, wear that fragrance that, yeah, you know is somethingthat, you know, you’re not used to wearing a fragrance. Your wife may say something, she may not evenlike it, but you love the fragrance yourself, so you wear it at the office. The point is practice perfection, don’t justpractice because if you practice, practice makes permanent.You want to practice perfecting yourself becomingthe best man you can be. The next point is I want you to understandthere is always a dress code. So, at this graduation, all the marines arein there Charlie’s there’s a few marines here that theyre in different uniforms, maybethey came from off the base, but in general there was a protocol. Understand at work they may say there’s nodress code, but there is. There is a culture, there is a way that peopleand they have in their mind an idea of what a success is. And you want to be thinking for whatever professionyou have for whatever you do, what is that vision of success and dress to it. Now, you don’t want to go overboard here. If you are a sacker at a grocery store andyou want to run the entire grocery stores throughout the United States, you don’t probablywant to start wearing a suit.But, you can dress nice, you can wear clothingthat fits you. Maybe you’ll even bring in a bow tie. You’ll be a little bit eccentric, but guesswhat? You know that you want to dress well. You wear the bow tie because it stays outof the way, it just makes you look friendlier. And people remember you and you become knownas that guy that’s going around sacking groceries that is just so friendly and is on his wayto bigger and greater things. That’s a good reputation especially when you’re16, 17, 18 years old just getting started. The point is understand that people make judgmentsand that there is always a dress code there’s always a uniform that needs to be worn tobe able to send the signal you want to send. [0:09:55]Now, let’s talk about rank and the military this is really clear we’re very upfront aboutthe way the system works. You’ve got officer, you’ve got enlisted, andwithin each of these categories you’ve got variations of them. In general, anyone on the enlisted side willfirst salute an officer not because they’re better it’s simply the protocol it is thecourtesy that is extended to the rank.On the officer side, you’ve got second lieutenant,first lieutenant, captain, major. So, a second lieutenant will then, you know,he’s going to salute pretty much any of the other officers above him and you’re alwayssaluting the person that has the higher rank. Now, understand, in the civilian world, thoseranks do exist, but they’re not as upfront about it. There is this — and I talked about this earlier,there’s an idea of what a success is and when a man dresses to a higher rank, he is initiallyafforded the respect that goes with that higher rank.So, if you look the part of a general, ifyou look the part of a lieutenant colonel, guess what? You’re going to be treated with respect. Now, in the military and it’s the same inthe civilian world, if you look the part, but then you betray those expectations becauseyou’re a bad leader because, you know what? You’re actually an idiot, guess what? People are going to talk behind your backthey’re going to maybe stop, you know, saluting you as much. They’re going to find ways to kind of undermineyou. But the thing is is I want you — why wouldyou shoot yourself in the foot and not look the part? Quick story. I remember I was sick on Naval Air StationCorpus Christi and I went to the doctor I had put on my uniform. I was in a hurry and I was kind of surprisedthese guys walked by me and they did — they just looked at me they didn’t even give mea salute.They actually looked at me kind of aggressivelyand I didn’t think anything of it. Walking through, I then, I did not getsaluted again right in front of the hospital. I’m like, What is going on? But, again, I’m sick Im not feeling well. And I’m sitting there and I take off my blouseand I look I don’t have any rank I forgot to put my first lieutenant bars on. And, of course, nobody knew who I was andthey thought I was a private. So, I’m glad I didn’t pass an officer who’dstart yelling at me. That would have been funny, probably madea better story. Point is is that these ranks do exist.People do make judgment calls based off howyou dress, so you might as well look the part of the higher ranking officer, the higherranking enlisted man, so that you’re treated with respect initially. Now, this next point was really hammered homewhen I met up with my buddies who I hadn’t seen for 15 years and I was surprised whatthey remembered about me.Now, when you’re trying to make some thingshappen especially in the Marine Corps, it’s all about mission accomplishment. It’s about going out there and getting thejob done. And, oftentimes in work, in school, we fallinto this and we don’t treat people with respect because we’re just trying to get done whatneeds to get done, we’re being a man. But, guys, when I talked with these guys aboutwhat they remembered about me, it was that it was my character. It was the stories they had about how I tookcare of my marines, how I was a great person to work with, how I always — you know I wasn’tthe smartest marine. I wasn’t — I definitely was not the mostefficient or effective adjutant. I came in a bit soured initially because I’dbeen a fallen angel. I was basically in a training accident I hadto get out of flying jets.And I just — it was my dream to fly jetsand all of a sudden, I’m in the infantry I’m an adjutant within the infantry. But, I tried to make the best of it. And I had a great executive officer major,you know, actually at the time he was a major, now, he got out as a Col. Lee. You know I talked to Lt. Thomas, he was ourdoc when we deployed over, you know, to Iraq and Kuwait and did all you know. I’m talking with these guys and they’re like,you know I remember this about you. You were a good person, you always were there,youre always trying to make things happen. I could count on you. Understand, gentlemen, your character andthe shadow of that character your reputation, that is what you always want to be thinkingabout. Yes, it’s important to get the job done.Yes, it’s important to meet the numbers andto make things, but never sacrifice the human beings the people and treat them with respect. It’s funny and it’s almost sad the peoplethat we talked about that we didn’t have the highest opinion of that we never stayed intouch with that we, you know, it’s like, well, because honestly they were assholes and theywere a bit toxic. And, yes, they maybe had some great performancereviews and being able to accomplish mission, but the marines under them, they had no respectfor them because they actually — I mean they wanted to [frag?] them.I mean, well, they no, maybe not thatbad. But, I think you guys get the point. You want to be a servant leader. You want to be that leader you want to bethat lion that’s willing to die for the pride and the pride is therefore willing to followyou into anything. And if you can be that kind of leader wholeads by example who puts others before him and you apply this to everything you do, guys,you’re going to be in great shape. Now, I know I could have covered a lot morepoints, but, guys, I’ve got this video right here, ten tips I learned from the Marine Corpswhen it comes to style thing. I talk about style hacks that I picked upin the Marine Corps.Go check out this video, guys, I go into alot more detail. [0:14:48] End of Audio.


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