Hey each person it is your private trainercoach Kozak and i’m Claudia and this is 20 Min Chair workout routines Sitting Down workout Seated recreation for Senior elderly all people ELSE a chair workout this exercise is greatfor both young and historical any one that just wishes a excellent strong total body seatedroutine now to develop depth or minimize the intensity of this workoutyou can simply change your weights through including more or less remember it can be alwaysbest to with a light weight and work your manner up i will be doingthe extra natural movements today and simply comply with along with me for all of themodifications i’m gonna be making use of a mild pair of dumbbells and i’ll be using somewater bottles however all you relatively need rather than that’s simply your chair allright let’s get into this factor we’re going to begin with a mild warm-up nowthroughout this routine we’re gonna rather center of attention on coming and sittingforward on the front half of your chair preserving just right posture and really focusingon our breathing for the duration of the whole workout i will use my light handweights for the nice and cozy-up for cloudy is solely going to make use of her possess body weightyou make a decision what’s proper for you throughout this entire workout we’regoing to start with a march in location so elbows are bent at a ninety degree angle sowhere your knees and you are just lifting up reverse arm and leg we’re now not goingto rely any repetitions today so as a substitute I just want you to get as manyreps in as which you could and a variety of time period making sure to breathe throughoutwe particularly motivate you to make this workout your own in these days excellent keepbreathing try to get a first-class little coordination synchronization in herelet’s go ten extra seconds on this one maintaining excellent posture shoulders are backcore is tight 4 three two one zero just right subsequent we will transfer into anupright external retention a rotation I will have to say so elbows are bent at a 90I’m going to drag again and return so we’re gonna pull these fingers back usingyour upper back muscle tissue and simply rotating and squeeze that your back nowas far as variety of motion is concerned on this one be careful not to go too farback do not hyperextend just go to a point where it feels relaxed youstart to consider somewhat bit of a stretch andcome on again excellent keeping just right posture shoulders are rectangular head is up core isnice and tight this is a excellent one to improve your rotator cuffs let’s gofor 5 four three two one and zero excellent once I set our weights down forthis subsequent one i will do a one leg just right morning the place Claudia goes todo a two leg just right morning so i’m gonna have one leg out she’s acquired it both outopposite knees bent at ninety for me arms are on my headstarting with quite excellent posture now i will bend over at my waist usingmy hips as a hinge stretch down and again up you are gonna believe stretching yourhamstrings on this one for specified I really need you focal point on maintaining yourback straight and when you get to the factor where which you can no lengthy you can not godown any additional with out bending well that is the point where you went too fardown so simply go ahead and keep that back straight press these hips back as youcome down feel that hamstring stretch this is a first-class dynamic warm-up movementwarming those muscle groups proper up getting them able to work all right should you’redoing one leg go forward and switch in any other case doing to head ahead and keepmoving satisfactory work it is a little harder to separate and do one leg at atime so that’s why that is the tougher amendment fine work preserve it uppushing these hips back feeling that stretch let’s go 5 four three two oneall proper warm-up is complete so we’re both going to decide on up our hand weightsClaudia’s making a choice on up her water bottles we’re gonna do a high knee Plus reach sowe’re going to arrive up with opposite hand and i’m going to bring this knee upoff the ground where Claudia is just going to return up onto the balls of herfeet when she does so she’s no longer surely gonna carry her leg off the bottom butinstead just urgent up onto the balls of her feet whilst you attain up want youto attain up satisfactory and high act like you are seeking to put anything on ashelf up high good maintaining just right posture core is tightand you obtained it breathe pleasant seeking to be rather effective in our movementstoday so what that implies is we’re getting more muscle tissue in in each and every movementworking more muscular tissues in much less time pleasant work we will deliver that knee straightup and attain up opposite part pleasant work if at any time today you turn out to be toofatigued that’s k we opt for that you just both swap to a simpler modificationor diminish your weight or no weight oppose it just stopping all togethergood three two one quality ok we go forward and set those handweights down for the next one we’ll do a leg extension so eitherone or two legs at a time ensure that you just scoot it ahead on the front halfof your chair fingers are on the side and we will lean again supportingyourself along with your palms cores tight now i will go two legs leg extensionall the way in which up the entire way down for Claudia has one leg bent at a ninety degreeangle and because she’s just alternating so we’re extending at the kneessqueezing these quadriceps up at the top of the exercise nice and controlledsupporting your self you make a decision which one is correct for you if you’re doing one ortwo legs at a time first-rate work preserve it going this one doesn’t handiest work yourlegs would additionally work your core too right i will suppose it feeling within the core justto keep yourself there so you’re no longer imagining that that’s on cause itshould be working your core too pleasant and if you’re now not feeling your core leanback a bit bit more than you will okay just right let’s go five four threetwo one first-class adequate we’ll need our hand weights for the next one go aheadand pick these up we’re going to take a seat towards and scoot it on the front halfof our chair we’re going to lean ahead on a 45 measure attitude keeping your backstraight fingers at our aspect we’re going to pull back on our elbows and thenbring them back down and now we’ll do a fly so little bend their elbowswe’re going to drag apart squeeze mill your back and return so it is a combo rowfly row why so you’re just alternating between the two relying on yourflexibility you may be a bit of closer to here so far as how some distance you are bentover however I rather want you to simply focus on retaining your again straight no slouchno hunched just right once more if you must lose the water bottles this is toointense for you it is okay and if you simply use your body weight andif it is too convenient select up some heavier weights so that is a exceptional factor aboutthis hobbies as it is simply adaptable to your fitness degree just right keep it uplet’s go you received it establishing to get into thegroove now one after the following let’s go five four three two one zeroall right first-rate k surroundings our dumbbells down for the subsequent one we’regoing to do a switch bounce plus arm swings we’re gonna begin with our feetin a staggered stance one foot is back on the ball of the foot and the otherone is simply bent at a 90 degree attitude right here so at the same time i’m going toswing my hands up i will switch my ft fingers come backtrack change my feetnow you’ll observe i’ll deliver my hands all of the method up overhead whereClaudia is solely going to deliver her palms to parallel so we’re switching the feetas the hands swing up proper so you are not switching them on the best way down but it’sso you are gonna use that momentum out of your palms to support swap your feet goodusing momentum change and switch just right i do know somewhat coordination on this oneeven for us it took me a few times by way of the run by way of to get thisright but she god when she got it that’s fundamental to see our brain at thesame time proper all these movements we do in our day to day events requireour brain to be working while and for that coordination to happen soit’s main for us to not simply figure out our muscular tissues however give that brain agood workout at the same time once more I was speakme effectivity proper getting alot of work in in a short period of time it up guys doing first-class let’s go fivemore seconds on this one that’s it just about there and three two one zeroalright fine you made it let’s choose up these hand weights for the subsequent onewe’re moving right into a impartial press Plus hip opener so arms are at our chin I’mgoing to press up and open my hips while we’re both going to do thesame movement on this one so rather it is simply all about how a lot weight you’regoing to make use of if any or water bottles or just your own physique weight some thing itmay be so when hands are dealing with one a further I’mpressing straight up overhead completing as excellent as i will with my biceps by using myears and i am opening my hips get some good stretch there and your hips at thesame time and don’t think the have to maintain up with nevertheless many we’re doing sojust work at your own p.C. Precisely quite as rapid as us that is okayyou’ll come back repeat this exercise get a bit bit better whenever it’sabout being the great variant of you something that looks like good keepingyour core tight back straight open them up so you bought a elevate these feetanywhere from one to two inches off the bottom simply ample to be capable to openthem opening to believe it now little burn going to my shoulders I suppose a burn toolet’s go five four three two one and carried out nice k let’s go ahead and setthose down we will move into a either a full bounce rope or a fake jumprope run in position so I say go bounce rope that means false jumprope so little circles with our fingers even as i am jumping off the ballsof my toes similar to i would be in Claudia go forward share yours i am justgetting up on the balls of my toes right here and relocating my wrists and the bounce roperotation right here a different a kind of movements that is going to work yourbrain whilst right I without doubt are not able to put words together proper now sosorry I’ve written a bit of slope and chasing a toddler all day so betweenbetween your feet your palms and having a canine that is too many things at oncewe’re attempting our pleasant over here guys we recognize you out there yes thank youfor understanding with us thank you for all of your tough work or else we’rejust a few weirdos striking out talking to ourselves excellent staying lighton your feet you’re surely gonna think slightly bit of a calf burn mm-hmmbecause I feel it correct now all proper way it is working that’s okaythat’s how we realize it’s working guys right hold it up hold it up let’s gofive four three two one zero first-class k gonna let your legs rest forthe subsequent once we’re going again to the higher physique we’re going to want each yourhand weights we’re gonna go into combo move so it is four constituents we’re gonna gocurl palms are up pinkies are available we’re gonna press overhead and twist yourhands ahead so that is two then we’ll return go into reverse three twistingback and four Dumbo’s go back down to your aspect so one curl pinkies in topress twisting their palms three return 4 dumbbells back down so one twothree 4 you obtained it exceptional work once more an extra combo movement this one’shitting your biceps your shoulders your triceps core just to maintain yourselfstabilized there is lots going on right here again seeking to get as much work in in ashort interval of time nobody wants to be working out for hours at a time simply toget a excellent workout in and other stuff to docome on time for that nice work guys keep it up make certain to breathethroughout and again in the event you have got to consider free to change up the burden along theway simply to make this workout your possess just right work hold pushing yourself rememberno one else can do it for you this is all as much as you it begins to burn itstarts to hurt yeah think about what introduced you hereto start with you may have some intention with it is just or not it’s extra healthy and be morefit or if you have a concrete goal that you’re working onlike dropping some weight whatever it’s focus on it feel about it that’s whywe’re here at present quality work come on you acquired it let’s gofive extra seconds that is it five four three two one zerogood all correct we’re going to work some core and just a little little bit of legs at thesame time so i’m going to do a twist plus kick so arms are out in entrance ofme elbows are bent and i’m going to twist and at the same time i am gonna doa kick so i’ll twist into my kick twist into my kick twist into mykill kick here for me Claudia is solely going to do this see two twists eitherway on this one center of attention on sitting up excellent and straight handy one both leanforward or lean again on but rather center of attention on utilizing excellent posture on this one youreally wish to draw that belly button into your spine and on the kick we’rebending on the knee and if you can not fairly kick as high as i’m correct nowthat’s k that you may just a little low kicks over work simply the samedo what that you can at present guys make this exercise your possess get a littlebit better every time you return and repeat it that is what it can be all aboutthose small little steps lead to giant time improvements one step at a time oneday at a time one rep at a time you’re hanging in the work right right here guysthank you for joining us and thanks for all of your hard workkeep it up let’s go five 4 three two one zero all proper quality k keeping thedumbbells for the next one just right posture we’re gonna go excessive pull and we’re gonnaraise up onto the balls of our toes right into a calf carry whilst shouldersare rectangular just right posture pull again or pull up on these elbows and on the sametime rise up on the balls of your toes and i want you to fake like you havestrings hooked up to your elbows on this one okay so there’s simply stringpulling those elbows straight up string pulling them straight up just right drivingoff the balls of the toes while you could have acquired a fine work guys preserve itup we do not need a whole lot left doing pleasant to this point keep it up againfocus on what brought you here what are your ambitions what are you attempting toaccomplish recollect no person ever finished theirgoals on accident proper they made a plan and each day they went and got itthat’s what we’re doing proper here getting after it hanging in the work toaccomplish that purpose quality work all people let’s go 5 four three two onenice ok we’ll maintain onto our hand weights for the following one you canchoose if it’s right for you i will do a run in position and Claudia’s goingto do a march in situation like we began it in the heat up so i am going scorching feetrun in situation simply as the identify wouldn’t insinuate and i’m jogging with my armsat the same time for Claudia is a little bit scoot slightly slower paced no longer by using muchand she’s bringing those that reverse arm and knee up getting out coronary heart rateup we’re finishing robust correct here we got this is the final one of the workoutand we’re going into a groovy-down that is it proper right here if you’ve been saving itthis is the time to put all of it out there stop saving it let’s go stop holdingback let’s go what you bought let’s get that coronary heart expense up a little bit right here atthe finish fine work everybody let’s go ten extra seconds what do you bought for tenseconds let’s go what do you bought for ten seconds first-class work all people five fourthree two one zero first-rate okay when you set our weights down we will gointo somewhat gentle cooldown a static stretching session take a few deepbreaths you made it quality work we’re gonna transfer on to a little bit little bit of a chestand higher body stretch we’re going to do a bent elbow stretch so we’re gonnabring these elbows as much as a 90 degree perspective on each part we’re gonna pull backon these elbows and pull yourself apart almost trying to squeeze the core yourback you are just pulling straight back and believe that stretch during yourchest and your shoulders that is also a exceptional one in case you wrestle with yourposture to open yourself up so that your shoulders aren’t pulling ahead so ifyou spend a number of time sit down down it is a rather most important one tohelp together with your posture excellent and consider to smile it’s major to goodbreathe you obtained it it is robust what your smiling can do toyour temper you’re hurting they just ship in those optimistic happysignals three two one excellent shake it out both palms okay the next one we do onearm at a time we’re gonna do a waterfall so carry that elbow in to your side palmfaces up opposite hand on the fingers and i will slowly pull back on myfingers and convey my elbow up at the same time so i’ll think stretchin my wrists my forearms my bicep all getting a good stretch just right pleasant it doesfeel satisfactory and with these stretches i need you to head to about let’s assume 80% ofwhere you could in all probability take that stretch proper so we do not want tostretch up to now that also and we’re doing extra harm and just right the identical time wewant to be certain it can be working so about 80 to eighty five% finally ends up being about the rightspot and let it go all correct shake that arm unfastened in case you have got to let’s move onto the subsequent one just right work guys pulling up deliver that elbow up just right and againwe’re simply respiratory ah you made it made it through that exercise as a rough onethank you for pushing through all the strategy to the tip you get for the leisure ofthe day you’ve got that to hold your hat on and what it doesn’t matter what youaccomplish something be proud of it be proud of your self -coming and beginning this exercise and completing it foremost phase very well andbreak let it go all right we’re going to get slightly calf hamstring stretch onthe next one so one leg out opposite knee is bent at a 90 we’re gonna pullthat toe again towards us so that is going to present us that calf stretch and thenwe’re gonna press reasonably down on the knee and now you can consider that stretch inyour hamstring the again of the leg maintain excellent posture while you right here so i need youlike this proper just right posture if you happen to cannot really attain your knee you can uphere is ok up a bit better you come to a decision which is correct for youjust in finding that correct spot and once more do not suppose such as you have to get to thepoint the place you are stretching where it fairly rather hurtI’ll just take it to about eighty eighty-five percentage and that’s all youneed to enhance that flexibility excellent an extra one here that will aid youimprove your posture and prove your capacity to face up straight all rightlet’s swap facets and pull in that toe back find it irresistible’s straight and we’re gentlypressing down on your knee and or quad excellent now not a lot left at present preserve it goingand respiration every time you’re doing any of these flexibility workout routines or staticstretching it’s particularly most important to focal point to your respiration satisfactory huge deepbreaths inside and out let’s go three two one zero excellent all correct this subsequent one isfor our again we’re going to pretend like we’re doing like a butterfly swim almostwe’re going to convey our fingers elbows bent bring our arms up and round andthen we’re gonna attain forward and colossal reach like we’re simply trying to reachsomething in entrance of us so still form of preserving that your upper physique straightup and down so I do not need you leaning and accomplishing but rather we’re justreaching with their hands and we’re feeling a pull in our lats in our upperback just attain like there is something in front of you here that you just just wantso bad but you are not able to rather attain it i am some cheesecake or donuts no that is notgood that’s a nasty example i’m sorry just preserve reaching how a couple of grandchild howabout that or i really like one how about that there we go just right reach attain attain sitand attain do this pull you got it let’s go five 4 three two one just right andstretch it out ok final one I did it does think good the last one we’re goingto stretch our quads so i am gonna want you to slide to the part yeah scootch tothe part a bit of bit no longer all of the way where you’re striking off however just enoughwe’re going to take one leg out this is your base leg ninety degree angle exceptional andsolid opposite arms over right here just be certain we maintain our balance and now thisleg we’re gonna gently in case you maintain you need to support the help of your hand youcan use your hand to pull it back we will pull that leg in that foot backnow everybody’s me a utterly special spot on this one you might beway back here or you possibly correct here and that is okay once more you make a decision whereyou’re at today pull that leg back and gently keepinggood posture gently press down on the quad excellent tender soar press downfeel that stretch and your hip flexor once more will fairly help with your posturestretching those hip flexors in view that when that is tight it pulls you forwardyou want that to be loose just right stretching all down your quad goodposture you acquired it let’s go 5 four three two one pleasant ok last one we gotto do the reverse side and that is it for the day everybody Wowlet’s exercise simply flew through bringing it back once more excellent solid base you decidehow a ways you need to take that foot again and what feels proper and trustworthy to you youcan grasp that opposite part of the chair only for balancejust for security functions and press in that leg back just right posture you acquired itright right here finishes robust with this last one ifyou dip deep breaths just about there in 5 4 three two onezero and you are all finished first-rate work pleasant work and first-rate work to you in the market ifyou’d like latest workout you’ve gotten been understanding with us for a at the same time andyou’re commencing to see some results we’d motivate you to delight go verify out ourpatreon web page click on on the link up high where which you could gain knowledge of more on how you cansupport our mission of preserving these quality exercises free for everyone allover the globe and if you happen to loved this workout with us at present then please givethis video a large thumbs up and be certain to subscribe to our clinic in order that youcan in no way pass over a new exercise from us go check out has match calm or we havehundreds of free exercises just like this one free meal plans and free completefitness packages all there for you and if by some risk you occur to beon social media whether it can be fb Twitter Instagram be definite to find uswe’re there and we would love to connect with you thanks a lot for giving usthe privilege of understanding with you todayI’m teach Kozak and i am Claudia and we will be able to see you at your next workout


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