hey guys what’s up welcome to DLM modellifestyle where we give you the best tips on grooming fitness style andmodeling life I’m Daniel and in this video we are going to answer one of yourquestions some of you asked Daniel how do you get a slimmer face or yourjawline to really show well that is what we’re going to talk about in this videoand we are starting right now all right now how do you get a slimmerface and your jawline to really show well the first tip is probably tipthat you won’t like that much you have to lose the fat yes the fat in your face butthat also means the whole fat in your body because if you try to lose just thefat in your face like doing facial exercises that’s not gonna work if youlose the fat in your whole body your fat percentage drop and then you’ll see yourfat in your face getting less and less and less and then your jawline willstand out more and more and more because that fat is not there to cover it mysecond tip is for guys with beards if you have a beard just shave it the rightway there’s a lot of guys who just leave these neck hair here and the hair hereand it’s just all over the place so what you want to do is you want to shavethese neck hair off you want to start here with your jawline here and shaveclose here to your chin and then back this way as well and then these hairhere on your cheek you want to remove that and then you can see if your beardis shaped nicely your jawline is gonna stand out a lot better alrightthe third tip is for those guys who normally shave if you always shave butyou want a really nice jawline you might want to grow out your beard if you growa beard it would look like you have a nicer and stronger Jawline there’sactually a lot of guys that looks better if they have a nice beard compared towhen they are shaved alright now let’s move on to number fourthere’s a lot of people that say if you do certain facial exercises the musclesin your face gets stronger and so your jawline looks as if it’s bigger andstronger right okay let’s talk about those exercises number one if you blowwind on the left and the right side in the front and you hold it there for tenseconds that’s one exercise and it looks like this and then to the front and thento the right so it looks like that okay that’s the first exercise the secondexercise I’m gonna show it from the side so you can have a look you bring your your head up a little bit and what you want to do is you wantto bring these lower jaw bone and you want to move it forward so you do itlike this you see that I would suggest you not todo that because number one you look stupidall right and number two wrinkles actually comes from repeatedmuscle action so you will actually look older a lot quicker so don’t do it somepeople say that if you chew chewing gum it will also help you now when I wasyounger I used to chew a lot of chewing gum and I used to chew at the back of mymouth here and I could feel how tired my mouth would get because I chewed a lotand then after a while I could see the difference it was getting a little bitbigger now some people try to chew chewing gum but they say it’s notworking and maybe it’s because people chew it differently some people chewmore like camels like like like that some people more like a mousse I don’t knowmaybe it’s about the way people chew the chewing gum I don’t know give it a tryif it works it works if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work but the best tip reallyis just to lose the weight if you lose the weight you will see a nicer jawlineand you will have a slimmer face now if you liked the video give me a thumbs upsubscribe so that you won’t miss any of my new upcoming videos and that’s itcheers guys


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