Translator: M Wang Interpreter: Helen Chang My little brother Since childhood, I have been very good at many things. One of the things is that he can easily make everyone happy. Once I told him After taking exercise, I should take a little protein. He was very happy to think that I said "poutine" (Canada gravy cheese fries) (laughter) The second thing that my younger brother is very good is that he can eat very well. Dinner time He can often eat a lot more than the adults at the same table. Now you can guess the five-year-old child.

What are the disadvantages of eating more often than adults? I can already imagine that if he is only 11 years old, if he continues this way My younger brother is moving towards a Full of ridicule and unhealthy adolescence As his big brother, I want to help him. I am a muscle dynamics student with great interest in nutrition. I know that I must make a difference. At first I was not sure what to do but I was determined to find a way In March 2013 I broke my leg on the way to class. I was frozen on the ground and I slipped. This is the whole story. I am icing on the ground while walking 噗 broke leg Did not save anyone No return of leather bag No cool stories to share I was still lying on the ice that was gradually melting.

Waiting for the arrival of the ambulance This moment will change the life of my brother forever. I am undergoing surgery A small piece of titanium with a few small screws to fix my tibia I have to use two crutches And was told not to let the feet carry weight This creates a unique problem Because there is a lot of snow and ice on the ground outside. And I still have two months of classes. Our campus is also one of the best in the United States. So I made a decision a decision made by any serious student Obviously I decided not to go to class.

(laughter) Now I have a lot of free time to study at home. I finally found out how to help my younger brother. I know that what he has to do in theory is actually very simple. But not easy to implement What he needs to do is change his eating habits. Learn from him I know where he needs to change and where he doesn't have to change. The problem is that you need to express the message to others. The message may end up being like a phone game played by children. Passed on But the transfer process may have a little misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

Resulting in a different message than the original message And in the end everyone is confused And my younger brother’s eating habits are still the same. So remember these points, I made the best decision in my life. I decided to move home for two weeks. Help my younger brother prepare his every meal. Teach him how to properly take nutrition When I was at home I found it very inconvenient to move in the kitchen. Holding a cane hot pot and knife It’s not easy I must also pay attention to taking a break every few minutes. Can make sure my knees don't get too swollen So after two weeks Not only the results are ideal This plan can be used by anyone We can see such dramatic and positive changes I am very happy to wait and share it for you.

We changed his environment according to his goals. We make the environment good for him, not for him. This means changing bad choices into healthy choices. This is not a complicated little change Let us change his nutrition very simply From a standard American diet Satire acronym SAD (sad) To a healthy and nutritious diet Because it is not difficult to have a good plan. When you remove an unhealthy choice Healthy and nutritious food will become Project A and Project B The beauty of this project Is not dependent on willpower It’s pretty simple, you can’t eat without unhealthy food.

Another bonus for this project is If there are no potato chips on the cooking table to call you You should easily forget to have it Then you can avoid the feeling of being deprived Have a little brain blockage It sounds incredibly simple But I promise not When you remove the barrier that blocks your success My younger brother's example is an unhealthy diet. And you find a substitute food for him without a barrier. The road to success has made him smooth sailing So change the environment Let it help you instead of being against you This is useful for achieving any goal. For my younger brother, I am his environment. I prepared all his food to give him the right snack. Then answer all his questions What if I was not there at the time? How do you implement this project? To be successful You have to reduce the choices that make him difficult For example, you walk into the hall There is a delicious chocolate chip cookie on the left side of the table.

Western style rice and all the things you like There are fresh fruits and vegetables on the right side of the table. The bright colors are cut, and it looks like a lot of juice. You have been sitting for two hours, you are very hungry. You are about to make a choice You should choose A on the left. Still have to choose the healthy broccoli on the right? Such a situation I feel that it is very difficult for most people to make decisions. To hold back the temptation to choose A This is the real situation Often happening in life So this is very important So when you remove the barrier that blocks your success It will become much simpler Let you be the first time Don't have to make very difficult decisions I am here to demonstrate how to help you plan Let's find out your favorite junk food first. Then promise yourself not to be at home again.

So by that time You have made this decision I don't mean that you can never eat these foods. If you really want you can go to the store to buy Or put home When there is a special holiday you can enjoy Don't store a big bag under the cabinet You know this will bother you. Changing the environment can help you, not against you. This is how to eat healthy Not an exception but a preset result So if your personal goal is to eat healthy Find all the junk food after going home Then find a neighbor you don't like. Give him all the junk food This strategy successfully helped my 11-year-old brother Of course, it must be useful to you. Let me end before the end Share the results of my younger brother's life change Let me point out the point I made an important rule that must be observed before the change During any period of time I never asked my younger brother to feel hungry or feel deprived.

How can this be done? He lost 5 pounds in the first 7 days. He lost 8 pounds after 2 weeks But we did not stop therefore I went back to class and he continued to follow the plan. After 20 days, he lost 10 pounds. On the 36th day He lost half a pound on average a day. Last lost 18 pounds (applause) [Let the environment help you change] If everyone lets the environment help change them instead of dragging them My younger brother’s success will be the norm I hope that one day will be realized in the future.

Thank you (applause) .


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