Treadmills are a popular choice for folks
who are looking to get some cardio in here at Planet Fitness. Let's take a look at the basic functionality
of these machines. Just to note: Planet Fitness has several different types of treadmills, so they may look different from this one, but they will all have the
same basic functions we will discuss. To get started on a manual workout, just press the "Quick Start" button. The emergency stop clip can be attached to your clothing. If your position on the treadmill changes
suddenly, the machine will stop. You can adjust your speed and incline using the arrow buttons to find a setting that's just right for you.

Try to shoot for 20-30 minutes if you'd like
to do a full cardio workout. But start with whatever you're comfortable with in the time that you have. You should work your way up gradually in both speed and incline until you know what's comfortable for you. You can always use the Talk Test: if you would have difficulty carrying on a normal conversation during your workout, you're probably at an
appropriate intensity level.

To display your heart rate on the console,
simply hold onto the chrome sensors. If you'd like, you can also choose from a
few programs that automatically adjust your speed and incline during your run. These programs are a great option once you've gotten comfortable enough with the manual settings and are looking to add some variety
to your cardio workout. These programs may request additional information like your weight, age, or intensity level. This is completely optional, but allows the
machine to provide you with a more personalized and accurate workout summary. When you're finished with your workout, the stop button will gradually slow the machine to a stop. You can also decrease your speed manually using the speed arrow button. Don't forget to wipe down the equipment after each use.

Thanks for watching the video. Come on down to Planet Fitness! The Judgement Free Zone..


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