Summer is just months away, we must be enjoying our vacations ! But that also means we must lose our “winter weight” and sculpt our trouble zones for this wonderful season.

Losing winter weight
winter weight

A 5 Week Workout That Can Transform Your Body Like a Magic Spell

The sooner, the better, so now is a great time to kick off a magnificent workout aimed at toning up our physical appearance and improving our mood. So! is the Challenge accepted?

Program of exercises for 5 week.

the weight in 5 week - 6 days i week
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a program of exercises that will be useful for both your body and soul. In the beginning, it requires less than 15 minutes a day and no special equipment, so let’s start the transformation!

This is a 5 week –(6 days a week) program, which combines 8 types of simple exercises, and is divided into 2 blocks.

  1. Block 1 (including jumping jacks, leg lifts, squats, and push-ups) is performed on days 1, 3 and 5.
  2. Block 2 (involving mountain climbers, sit-ups, lunges, and bur-pees) corresponds to the days 2, 4 and 6.

As we can see, the blocks alternate with each other and the number of repetitions increases gradually. Let’s take a glance at what week 1 looks like:

First Transformation to lose weight
First Transformation to lose weight

After 2 weeks (12 days) you we’ll be loose the weight At the abdominal level.

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This workout, divided by blocks and days, will help you achieve 2 things: slim your body and build a training schedule into your day-to-day life. Remember to pair your exercises with a diet that is appropriate for you.

Have you ever heard of any of these exercises? Or maybe you have personal stories about sculpting your body over a couple of weeks? Please tell us about them in the comments below.


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