If you want to change the world, start setting up your bed discipline There is nothing cute, easy or funny about discipline Especially when it comes to the subject of restraint If you make your bed every morning, you will have completed the first task that day It will give you a small sense of pride It will encourage you to do another task and another and by the end of the day that task is finished The mini task will become finished Clean your room! This is a good start, organize your local environment, plan your times, start taking control of yourself Stop looking for a paradigm shift and start looking for daily discipline because this is where you initially live When you arrange your bed You have something already finished for today And it has already accomplished something, even if it is small Just accomplishing one small thing can prompt you to do the next thing, the next thing and the next thing But if you plan your pleasure only And if you plan not to have any pain, if you spend your time skipping everything uncomfortable I can only tell you now: you will have a poor life Miserable.

You will become old and all you will have is regret Ask yourself, "Do I practice Self-discipline in my life? Do I do the things I need to do because I need to do them, or am I the kind of person waiting to feel the moment? The things you do and don't do are far more important than you think! We can do something extraordinary in our lives, and you need to seize yourself every day! Greatness will cost you something not someone else. It will cost you nothing It will cost you some time. It will cost you some energy. It will cost you some Sacrifices. It will cost you some resources It will cost you some of your life hours lying down Paying the price to skip the extra mile that some people are not willing to do, greatness is not cheap Greatness always cost more.

That's why not many people get greatness. They are not willing to pay the price You see a lot of people want they want they want, but then they don't use the discipline that they should. Decided today You will discipline yourself When you have the discipline to do things you don't want to do, you have to earn the right To get the things you really want Self-discipline, ability to perform, ability to keep your life on schedule and ability to retain Commitments, promises and meeting deadlines are essential to success Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter.

If you can't do small things properly You will never be able to do the big things properly with an opportunity that has a miserable day You'll come home to a tidy bed What you arranged and that tidy bed will give you the feeling that tomorrow will be better All you need is to choose an option that will make you stop being bitter. Choice will stop looking back, Choosing that you will not waste another day of your life you feel sorry for yourself I know it's possible that you have problems in you, but you do better than you think Someone needs to know today.

It will make someone need to know today You are fine may not be what you should be But you are not as I used to be and will get there Do not give up, do not give up and do not put yourself down, you are doing better than you think That's not how your story ends. See again. There's another chapter There is a new beginning Know Keep only your discipline growing, be committed to have a steady heart If you wake up and don't have any discipline at all you won't get any value. Your diet doesn't work when you don't, Exercise does not work when you do not play Like what fire moves you, so that you wake up saying: "I'll do this even when I don't feel it I'll do whatever it takes to skip the steamy to get the ability, My temptation to get excuses, and my temptations for reasons and circumstances to hinder me I will not allow these people to be on my way.

'' If you have this inside you will achieve what you have chosen Nothing will be different So I think differently. There will be nothing different until we think differently .


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