The Ultimate Guide To Hats For Men[0:00:00] [Music]Todays video, gents, were talking hats, the ultimate guide to mens headwear. So, lets start things off by defining whatis a hat. A hat is a covering for the head and letsstart with the crown. So, the crown right here notice that the crownhas a shape. Now, the shape is going to be defined by thecrease which goes right here on the top of the hat and also the dent. The dent goes on the side of the crown. And depending on the shape of the crease andthe dents, we get a wide variety of different crowns. Also, crowns could be tall they can also beshort. Now, the next key feature is going to be thebrim and the brim has two factors that affect its look. Its going to be the width. So, if its a very short brim or if itsa long brim, totally different hat, and the curve and the shape not only in the frontwhich is basically going to be the front curve of the brim, but were also going to seeon the sides.If it curves up, if it curves down, an entirelydifferent looking hat. And last but not least, lets talk aboutthe band. Youre going to see a wide variety of differentmaterials from fabric like this to actually leather being used to a wide variety of otheritems and you will also see decoration in the band such as feathers. Now, in todays video, Im going to covera wide variety of headwear, were going to start things off with brim hats, then Imgoing to go to flat caps, then Im going to talk about baseball caps, and then Imgoing to talk about winter headwear.So, the first type of hat Im going to talkabout is the brim hat. Theres a wide variety of different types,the first example is the Panama. So, youve got this Spanish exploring theNew World about 1500, what are they taking note of? That these guys have stylish headwear, thatswhat they noted, these guys that was the first recorded incident of the Panama. Now, we know that it was around for a lotlonger before that, but what the Spanish noted is these guys really know how to put a hattogether. It was functional, it did a great job of keepingthe sun off of their heads when theyre out working there in the fields and thatswhy I love a good Panama.Now, notice that its going to have a widerbrim about right here two and a half to three inches youre going to see them sometimeseven wider. And, once they get a little bit shorter itbecomes a different type of hat and Ill talk about that in a second. Theyre also going to have a high crownand whats thats going to do is allow air to circulate in and out and to keep thehead cool. Now, this Panama right here has the classicblack band right here, also, the off-white color. Youre going to see a wide variety of differentcolors out there, but the key with the Panama is its going to have a tight weave andthis is going to be a hat that is great is functional and is going to keep you cool inthat hot sun. Next up, we have the fedora. This one very similar to the Panama is actuallymade for hot weather, its got a breathable material, but many of the fedoras that youguys know and that youve seen around are actually made from a heavier felt like material.Now, the fedora was really popular in the1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s. Its started dying off in the 1960s herein the United States and most of the Western world. It was a functional piece, it was somethingthat wasnt too big, wasnt going to grab that much of attention. We also a curve over on the sides, It reallydepend on how you wanted to wear it, but the crown was intact almost the same size as whatwe would see on a classic Panama. Now, very similar to the fedora, we have thetrilby. The only difference, again, is going to bethe length of the actual brim. So, the brim started getting even smaller. Were talking about an inch, maybe sometimeseven three quarters of an inch, maybe about an inch and a half at the most right herein the front, but its a small difference in that brim that all of a sudden, we gota very different looking hat.The trilby, the fedora, again, they had theirhay day from the 1930s to the 1960s. I think some guys can pull them bring themback. I personally only wear this for hot weatherbecause I find that they look good, theyre much more stylish than a baseball cap andthey do serve the purpose of keeping the sun off of my head. Although, if I want to protect my face a bitmore, Im going to probably go with a Panama or a fedora. Another hat style youre going to see isthe pork pie. This one was actually made famous by a guynamed Buster Keaton. He was of the top silent film stars of the1920s, but as soon as talkie showed up and his fame waned, you started to actually seethe pork pie kind of go down. It was still a very popular hat especiallyif youre musicians, but by the 1960s the pork pie started to disappear.And, similar to the pork pie, but made froma lightweight breathable material, we have the boater. Now, the boater specifically was made forhot weather. This was a hat that had the rounded look toit and really was a unique looking hat, the crown wasnt very high, it was a very lightweighthat. Did a great job of keeping the sun off ofyour face, but it fell out of favor and really pretty much has disappeared. Now, what about that hat that won the west? No, Im not talking about the cowboy hat. Ill get to that in a second. Im talking about the bowler. Yes, the bowler was actually the most popularhat whenever people were heading out west and we were settling the western United States. So, all these Western movies you see peoplewearing cowboy hats, thats not actually accurate.If you go back and look at old photos, youregoing to see it was the bowler cap. Look at that crown on the bowler, I dontreally think I need to state it, but that is its distinctive feature. [0:05:00]Now, where did the cowboy western hat get its name? That actually is a big mystery because whenwe look at what people wearing out west, it was a motley crew. You had people wearing stuff that they hadduring the civil war, you had people bringing in top hats. Yes, you saw a top hats out on the westernfrontier, but it was really the Stetson Company that was making consistent that was makingheadwear and its really become an iconic look that I think Hollywood has had a bighand in kind of shaping what we believe and what we assume people wore in that time period. Now, very similar to the western hat, wevegot the Akubra and this is the Australian version. I think its a beautiful hat. I have one, I picked this up when I was inthe Blue Mountains.Its got that little opal right there. But, again, what youre going to see hereare the vents on the side, very similar also in western hats, but the Akubra is going tobe worn more flat. So now, lets talk about flat caps and Ithink this one is interesting. So, in 1571, the English they wanted to bolsterthe world trade and so they passed this law that every man had to wear a cap. Now, eventually the law was repealed, butheres the thing is that guys really liked wearing these flat caps. What youre going to find with these flatcaps is they actually do a great job I think of keeping the elements off of your head,hence why I wear them.Theyre not going to be as high of a crown,so when youre getting in and out of a vehicle, I think they actually function really well. And I think for, you know, maybe a guy thatslosing his hair or a guy that simply doesnt want to do anything with his hair, they lookgreat. Now, flat caps come in a wide variety of stylesand variations. This one here is also known as the newsboy. Its got just a little bit of a, you know,a puff over on the sides. I really like this hat, hence why I boughttwo of them in two different colors. And, by the way, the beret is a flat cap aswell.Im not going to recommend it for everyone,but if youve got the confidence you think you can pull it off, then go for it. Now, flat caps in general are going to bemore casual headwear and depending on the material its made from it really is seasonaldepending on when youre going to want to wear, but I think they can be very functional. Example, this flat cap right here what I likeabout it is that all of a sudden I can fold out an ear and neck protection.Finally, if youre just getting into headwearand youre considering your first hat, the brim hats those require I think a bit moreconfidence, but a flat cap if youre already used to wearing a baseball cap, this is avery easy addition to your wardrobe. Practice wearing it around your house, thenall of a sudden youre wearing it out to run errands, you get a few compliments yourelike, yeah, I like the look of it, I feel confident wearing this hat. Next up, weve got the baseball cap. This has to be probably the most common hatyou see out there. Tons of guys already wearing it which I thinkis great because then they can transition to other types of headwear. But, where did it start? 1860, we had the first baseball caps.Actually, they were made out of straw andthe brim the front part of them was actually much shorter. Nowadays, we see them a lot longer, we seepeople putting logos designs, of course, sporting their favorite teams as well, but we see NFLteams, we see a wide variety of different logos and slogans on these. But, really its going to be the crown anda brim, you just dont have a brim around the back of it and really that still definesthe classic baseball cap. So, first up weve got the six panel hat. And the six panel hat like it sounds itsgoing to have six panels when you count them one, two, three, four, five, six. Sometimes called the dad cap as well. This is going to be one of the most commonsimple designs out there.It goes right on top of the head and it reallycan keep the sun out of the eyes and it really just is a simple way to add maybe what youperceive is a little bit of style, but I would say look beyond this, there are many otheroptions out there. Next up, weve got the trucker hat. Very modest origins, 1980s, given away freeby feed stores because they wanted to promote things. Nowadays, you see that theyre not givenaway free, they actually cost quite a bit of money and the design youve got reallycool designs on them logos, you know this one using camouflage. But, one of the keys with this hat is goingto be the snaps on the back and that right there a distinctive feature in addition tothe netting.Whats cool about this is its actuallya very cool hat in keeping the head cool. I think this is more of a younger man play,although older guys can pull it off, but I do think that in general this is, you know,its a fun look, but its something that is always going to be casual. Now, youre also going to see the flat brimhat and oftentimes its going to have a sticker, its going to have tags still onit. The key here is to show that it is brand newthat you just bought this and that you have the money to afford it. I dont really, you know, Im not goingto say that Im expert on this type of street wear these type of hats, but it is somethingthats interesting and if youre into it, all the more power to you. Next up, weve got the military cadet style. This started off in 1943 I believe and whatwe saw is the M1951 design.With this hat style, I remember being in themarines we call it a hat covers, we never called it a hat. The point being is that you had somethingthat was functional, it kept the sun off of your head, it kept the sun out of your eyes. And while were talking about military hats,I did want to mention the booney. I do think this is actually a functional piecebecause if youre out in the jungle if youre out in the sun and you want to better protectyour neck, I think a booney hat is fine and this one actually had given to me just abouta month ago when I was back home in Midland Texas by one of my coaches.I was a Greenwood Ranger and played footballfor them. [0:10:05]And, lets not forget about winter headwear. So, cold weather headwear, the whole pointhere is to insulate the head, keep the heat in and to protect you from the elements especiallythe wind. So, a watch cap, this is going to be the mostcommon the most popular one we see out there, but its actually not the most functional.Now, when made from wool, when made from cotton,having a bit of an elastic material in it, this can do a very good job and I think isa great base layer, but its not going to do a great job protecting you from the windunless youve got a wind liner inside of it. Now, youre also going to see beanies outthere and beanies are fun, you know, they add a little bit of color, always going tobe casual. If youre going to wear it, you know, somethingwith a suit, a watch cap is acceptable although when its cold you can pretty much wearanything to keep your head warm.But, why wear anything when youve got options? So, lets look at the astrakhan. This is made from a very tightly woven lambsfleece. And whats cool about this hat is this isactually relatively small, it does a great job of keeping the head warm. But, lets say you want something thatsgoing to fully covered the ears, maybe even protect the neck a bit, look at the Ushanka. Unless youre an American politics and youprobably dont want to get this hat people may assume youre Soviet or connected withRussia. But, I think for the vast majority of us whenyou wear this down, its got the whole trapper look and it does an excellent job of keepingthe ears warm, the full head warm.And if none of those suit you, but you likebaseball caps, check out the stormy kromer. Apparently, this was designed by a railroadman and its a great cold weather piece of headwear thats going to keep your earswarm head warm and a little bit harder to find, but if you look for it you can findit. So, what piece of headwear did I miss? Let me know down in the comments.So, what video to watch next? How about this one, ten things that stylishmen never do? Are you doing them? Find out, guys, by checking out this videowhich I will link to down in the description. [0:11:49] End of audio.


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