[Music] howdy i am coach Kozak from a spit and this is my 10-minute share workout for seniors this can be a quality workout to get your heart expense up and build toughen your complete physique on your chair I advise you utilize an place of work chair that’s high-quality and stable adverse to sitting again in a recliner there is no gear required but if you want you could both use an awfully mild pair of hand weights or a few water bottles depending to your health degree you may not even must use weights in any respect i’m gonna do this complete pursuits with you let’s get began ok you’re going to begin with the light warm-up and whether or no longer you’re going to use any hand weights for this exercise for the duration of the warmup i want you to head ahead and set these to the part okay so the first thing we’re going to start with this is a gentle march in location nothing targeted are trying your first-class to coordinate your reverse arm and the legs working together supply a bit coordination going as well as relocating force get your coronary heart cost up and make your lengthy tour ball while and three two one and smash next start along with your hands at your aspect we’re gonna do a fly your fingers first-rate and loose and check out to deliver the palms up to parallel with the bottom it’s no longer a race so do not think the have got to go quite quick we’re just doing this for 15 seconds fine and at ease who’s sending up little shoulders and three two one good ok that’s very identical we’re simply gonna work on an additional plane together with your palms on the entrance of you we’ll open your chest up stretch your chest after which shut it again and phone this a chest clap and here we ran by way of this one for 15 seconds excellent and secure you are no longer looking to race breathe and tired just right hands up parallel to the ground and three two one bread good i’m comfortable that is one’s a respiratory pastime that also works your belly muscle tissues so i want you to take a gigantic deep breath in suck for your belly in and you’re going to preserve that for three seconds one two three nine to push down breathe out and push how about your stomach for three seconds push it out push it out two one ok calm down we’re gonna do it again and breathe in suck it for your stomach sucking to your belly like you’re looking to fit right into a pair of denims and breathe out and push it out on your ass push it out like that stomach i will be able to press it up towards your pants and calm down okay good a further time and breathe in suck in that belly hold it in hold it in three two one and push out and push out on that belly two one and wreck excellent now we’ll return to that marching location very good opposite arm and legs working collectively just get your ft at any place from one to two inches off the ground you don’t want that much clearance just be certain you’re getting it up off the bottom good sitting up large and tall to your chair the entire time i need you and i do not need you to sobs for good posture 3 2 1 k going back into the fly great and relaxed again shoulders are again make sure you’ve that your bus screw all of the approach back in the chair it will relatively help you maintain excellent posture the entire time oh pleasant and cozy 2 1 and great now let’s do one more 15 seconds of that chest clap hands out and open up huge extensive and close very good we’re gonna observe as a way to construct me down range of movement all of your joints are really aid your flexibility and avoid stiffness everywhere very good and three two one all right arms again you realize that allow’s try this respiration pastime yet another time and breathe in keep palms sucking on that belly after tight and breathe out push it out on these belly muscle tissues the stuck muscle tissues working I are not able to and last two extra instances right here we go and breathe in hold a excellent posture flex those ABS and breathe out push out on these ABS you understand contracting tighten it up and relax ok simply one more this and breathe in maintain it on those abs like some flex up and breathe out maintain that belly fine and tight two-one-zero k just right verify it out heat up round is over let’s ok for the first string drop see i’m going to use water bottles but in order for you you should use a couple gentle dumbbells wherever from two to three kilos if you simply need to use the body and palms that works best too okay first one I do is a lateral shoulder raise first-rate and manipulate preserving your palms straight i want you to deliver your palms until they may be parallel with the bottom preserve your shoulders again and your head chest up entire time excellent three two one and damage next you wish to have to sit palms on crumple we’re gonna do a leg extension we’re gonna alternate one leg at a time carry your legs all the means up bending on the knee excellent and manipulate it is gonna work your quadriceps muscle over your knee all the approach up all the way down you’ll be able to observe i am in a position to get my leg practically parallel to the ground that is ok if that you can only get yours out to right here to start and you’ll notice as you do this your variety of motion will make stronger and you can get better at it and you’ll be in a position to get your leg up excessive that’s what dream and three two one excellent subsequent we’re gonna bend over in our chair hold your head up and grab your weights or Y bottles and we’re gonna roll keeping your elbows in this for fifteen seconds your elbows up as high as you could pretending like a person put a string for your elbows and pull your elbows again by means of the spring that’s how we get visualizes excellent make certain three the whole time and three two one all right back up in our chair come on back with that gentle somewhat carry your shoulders back we’re doing this one for 15 seconds hold those palms straight and i will preserve your intellect here the whole time to breathe so very most important breathe breathe breathe excellent job after which three two one Ruff’s ok seven wakes down for your left shoulders your back let’s return via that leg extension one after the other very good no longer a race best and controlled actions flexing prime of your left quadricep each single over and over seeking to increase your variety of motion project yourself to look how high that you would be able to get that leg excellent to one and exceptional striking back over to the chin retaining your head up and preserve your back straight and now we will pull back on your elbows nice rolls that you could grip one for your again muscle tissues that is now not work excellent good just right and 5 four three two one all correct one more time by way of picket on our chair and we’re doing carry nice and managed again very major to preserve that good posture don’t be leaning back in your chair considering just singing up with just right posture is in reality going to work the core so we’re gonna core work simply the entire time simply by using maintaining just right posture and best answer yeah let’s do this leg extension once again separately excellent and breathe just a little stretch in the back of your leg on this one that’s just right that is anticipated just manner you are gaining flexibility be certain you’re now not rubbing your legs up they are fine and managed movements the whole time all right just right and final one and for an extra set of the bent over rows keep that head up back straight full time and pull again elbows and 5 four three two one all proper just right that rounds oh okay let’s the next circular we’re gonna work to your hip begins and toes your thanks collectively we’re gonna choose them up open them up and closing we’re just opening these hips and close that is gonna work adductors and your abductors your hip muscle tissue as well as growing your variety of movement very primary than strengthening these hips many men and women free and cellular loads too stiff very good extra and again to set good subsequent utilising your weight we’re gonna do a shoulder press straight up straight down when you discover I obtained a fine floor had been using movement where i’m able to finish all of the way up top but you maybe a little bit stiff and we are going to provide it up about that top that is k but each time try to push your self and try your nice give it up just a little bit hotter superb John quality three two one and quality excellent best you set your weights down laughs put your fingers collectively i will twist side to facet go for forty five to a 45 no longer the entire method and i need you overextended put an excessive amount of torque for your again only a best little twist in excellent posture determine your core and your abdominals good five grand holds over forty five levels and three two one all correct very good subsequent we’re going back to the hip open and shut open these hips and close excellent posture the whole time you’re doing this and what you do i want you to choose up your feet don’t drag your toes on the ground again earlier than that virtually decide on them up each single time have got to get them up high put just adequate you’re not dragging your feet on the ground and last one proper excellent okay return into that shoulder press all the means up all the approach down again quality full range of movement for the period of an first-class job I recognize you working with me at present most commonly if you’re taking the initiative to get this work completed it’s going to be valued at it in the end that’s for certain and three two one rest k superb same your weights down we’re going to go back into the twist aspect to part fine and manipulate on this one don’t want too a long way our you begin to consider pressure on her again simply enough to get a bit work on your core and your indirect muscular tissues excellent job facet to facet and three two one all correct and k these these hips one final time 15 seconds on wheel the entire way shut i am great preserve it up and as continuously we are remembering to breathe excellent posture straight up and down do not lean back in the chair and relaxation one final time to the shoulder press all the method up all the way down superb great and controlled again not a race just getting as many reps in as that you may just right job preserve it up your doctor goes to be glad whilst you inform him you will have been understanding that’s for definite and make their job so much less complicated just right job come on maintain it up three two one all correct no extra loops let’s do our final set of our twist now part to aspect just right job i’m definite breathing and going from a forty five to the 45 best work and five four three two one all right an additional circular to head all right 0.33 and ultimate circular shoulders are again with an upright row we have all spacing to you now i would like you to carry your elbow up at any time when much like the one you probably did within the previous round where you were pretending that somebody’s pulling your elbows over the reveal now you do the same thing she’s gonna work your higher back and your track muscle mass excellent and controlled and on this one don’t feel the necessity II relatively stretch it squeezes it strain it out of the highest just a fine managed contraction some thing feels comfortable you don’t need to come the entire method up and fairly satisfactory and easy this a little bit bit forward in your chair with one leg out in front of you straight i’m going to preserve that we’re gonna do a one-legged bend over and are available up bend over about a 45 measure perspective and come back up and whilst you are doing this you must believe a stretch behind your leg this outlet stream whenever three two one and change your legs excellent this one works your bottom and your hamstrings make certain you have this leg straight do not try not to have a bend in this excellent the entire method up at any time when 45-degree attitude and then take a seat up huge and tall nice similar to that and three two one and zero excellent k staying out in front of your chair you would not set anything you are utilizing down on the bottom we’re gonna do a chair dip all that is is we’re gonna prefer yourself up onto the chair making use of your upper body and backtrack that’s it you are not gonna get a entire lot of variety of movement opt for yourself up and go into reverse for those who can’t really get your self up the entire way you can use your legs a little bit bit for slightly bit of aid and backtrack this probably the toughest one we have finished all day supply your self up let’s do it yet another time and up and backtrack just right okay hand weights so this is your again and let’s do an additional set of up right woman excellent work and as invariably we’re remembering to breathe just right job so pleased with you for sticking with me today or even taking the initiative workout doing a fine job and 5 4 2 1 okay one leg on the entrance shoulder the again bend over at your waist to a forty five measure perspective and again doing that scratching the again you are late every single time working your hamstrings and your again aspect and at the same time need flexibility forty five and back up let’s go a different just right change it up pleasant work that stretch each single time and come up huge and tall one between now we’re getting to breathe maintain respiration i’ll let you know what if we get to breathe it can be gonna make this work out a whole lot harder so let’s not overlook to breathe very major to don’t forget that exceptional and controllable respiratory let’s go slightly more hand weights down and back into the chair dips it is many managed chair dips an additional just right good good an extra time by way of we’re virtually completed persist with me here ok shoulder your again excellent posture and we’re doing the upright rows for fifteen more seconds excellent deliver those elbows up excessive not the arms up excessive but the elbows up excessive fingers will keep free underneath just right and three two one k put that one leg out and over to a 45 degree angle and back up giant and tall excellent just right just right now we have lower than a minute remaining keep up the good work you come this far that you can make it the leisure of the way and let’s do a different and switch it up let it go and then over at 45 measure angle and that good job hold respiration and i’m one last one excellent job the water bottles now and let’s do chair gives United meet your introduced the chair that is k simply press as tough as that you would be able to into the chair at any time when and it’s going to get simply as a lot working all people has to begin someplace relatively primary that you do not forget that permit’s go a further all proper good job you are all completed thank you so much for working out with me at present I suggest it repeat this routine two to three occasions per week for satisfactory results in case you do that you just detect little things like getting off the bed in the morning getting out of your chair will become much less complicated in case you like this exercise assess out a Spitz internet site one 1000s of your further free exercises we now have our free meal plans there to achieve or drop extra pounds as good as our whole thirty to ninety day health programs please do me a want and subscribe to our youtube channel like us on our facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter for the first-rate every day motivation a lotta take hold of sat by means of our store select up a t-shirt or a poster some thing it takes to hold you influenced and on track as soon as once more i am train Kozak Kumasi and i’m going to see you at your subsequent workout [Music]


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