And i am train Kozak you handed it and that is my chair exercise this workout is best for seniors or these of you other that can have bodily boundaries that don’t allow you to stand as much as pastime this exercise would not require any weights in any respect however if you would like so as to add somewhat extra help feel free to seize a couple of cannons equal weight couple of water bottles like i will use or even a few light dumbbells however in case you would not have anyway that’s perfectly quality that you could just use the physique weight from your own fingers i go to try this complete hobbies with you i’m hoping you are able to work let’s get started all proper we will start with a march in place however before we get that going i would like you to sit back on your chair making definite your butt is all of the manner again up towards the seat maintaining just right posture for the duration of the complete exercise so we’re just going to with a march in location together with your elbows are bent knees are bent we’re going to work at your own percent that is real for no longer simplest the screws endeavor but every exercise we do from here on I just need you to normal p.C. And do the excellent that you would be able to we’ll breathe an entire time keep it moving and opting for our feet straight up keep both your knees bent and elbows bent at a 90 degree attitude all right and leisure next we’re going to transfer on to the one-leg excellent morning we’re going to begin with the aid of striking one leg out straight after which one knee bent two foot down flat with our weights down different aspect or simply our palms on either part we’ll bend over maintaining a flat back and are available again straight up you are going to believe a large stretch to your hamstring out of this one and it glutes that’s k that’s the way it’s imagined to believe and we’ll hit all sides for equal time just right make sure breathe i’ll go all the manner down and go ahead change sides warming up and we’re going to the reverse facet again they own that stretching your hamstrings on your gluts and behind your leg as you progress for the duration of the exercises just right try me bass also maintain your back straight on this one do not lose posture your shoulders run excellent and three two one that’s going to do what’s called the shoulder box so folding our weights we have now our elbows at a 90 measure perspective your elbows in at our dimension it is a four-part motion we’re going to start via we’re going to aid these up and then we’re going back and now we’re going to reverse it down and again to our side so it is one two three four one two three and forth a exceptional one for our shoulders as good as our rotator cuffs one two three and 4 excellent one two three four making sure to breathe great preserve those elbows bent at a ninety the entire time we have ninety granules throughout on this one and three two one let’s go on conclude up very good next keep an eye on back retraction so sitting up nice and straight or elbows are bent or elbows are in we will pull our elbows back maintain a just right posture we will squeeze no to your back genuinely it is squeeze and maintain correct now it’s an isometric contraction for our again squeeze and keep and relax gonna determine it out we will do that one once more alright ready elbows are in pull again at her elbows and squeeze our back excellent posture squeeze in the center again keep squeezing hold squeezing and calm down good shake it out with that just an additional time getting our again muscle groups engaged on this one all right last one elbows written squeeze and reduce back and maintain we will preserve for an extra five four three two one and nil very good so the next one we do not want the hand weights for thus which you could relax if you’re using them we’re simply going to go ahead and grasp on the seat so helping herself at the seat put both legs out straight resting on your heels hold your excellent posture we’re doing alternating knee lift so i will carry one knee up for your chest and then we’re going to with that identical thing with the reverse leg retaining just right posture once more it is good one for our legs our hip flexors as good as our core in our app so carry those knees in and once more you’re working at your own percent if you are doing greater than i am that is satisfactory doing half the rep signal that’s k you are here that’s all that concerns good bringing them in into your chest first-rate and we’re respiratory and only a few more seconds of this one and 5 four three two one pleasant okay we’re going if your hand weights into the subsequent one we will do an alternating bent over row so i’ve my hand weights i’ll bend over hold my back straight though so i want you to round the whole lot maintaining these shoulders you are tracking repeatedly it helps me maintain your head up i’m going to be preserve your again straight now we’re going to pull back on the elbows and we’re alternating our load so palm back on the elbow each time look forward to one rep to be completed before you start the subsequent one that is staying involved in maintaining a core tight giving your again straight and pulling back just right hold going greater than midway executed with this one pull it straight back within the elbow not again on the hand like so alternatively pull back the elbow faux along with your monitor hooked up your elbow and a person’s on back on that string and three two one good k sit again up take a giant deep breath and subsequent we’re relocating right into a shoulder elevate plus leg extension so hold a good posture we’re going to deliver our hands as much as a shoulder lift we’re going to alternate eighth leg extend so we’re handiest going to bend at the knee and we’re bringing the leg up unless it can be parallel to the bottom that’s what we’re aiming for if you could only get it to right here that is ok simply do your satisfactory no eventually we’ll convey before is keep the leg all of the way up and get that entire leg parallel with the bottom that is okay modern day your first time doing this do the great you can recollect everybody has to begin somewhere and no person begins at the high good how if you want a little shoulders begin to burn slightly bit your legs – it can be k that is how we comprehend it’s working and three two one zero okay we set the blades down for the next one should you use in there subsequent we will do a modified seated dip so I just need you to grab onto the seat with your palms urgent your palms into the seat we will press ourselves up out of the seat as if we’re standing up we’re no longer going to get all of the approach up I best want you employ your legs as so much as you need to but not more than that so we’ll press up and slowly backtrack we’re going to press up as you could and then manage it on the way in which down so simply as if you happen to were sitting up but i’m going to check out to just use you legs as so much as you have got to go up if you can to get on the raise that is ok even supposing you can’t move that is ok just press in as rough as that you may for three seconds and then loosen up just press in so far as which you can for three seconds after which relax but finally will avenge we will be competent to get the entire approach up off of your seat when you cannot already go three two one and final one zero just right subsequent we’re going to be manner cut up so it is two exclusive variants of this i will show you the more difficult one first we’ll have our legs off straight we’re going to open them up and close that is the entire thing the less difficult variation is along with your knees bent opening up right here and shut either method we’re attractive your hips your adductors and your abductors engaged on both i would like you to take a look at your first-class to get this one but you’re now not there the deck that is k go forward and do the loma two knees again opening and closing very good whichever one you decide on simply make sure to breathe the whole time good good just right maintaining it up you’re doing high-quality bought a view up to now just persist with ice and five 4 three two one and 0 lesson ok preserve utilising the hand weights we’ll need them again a variety of sheep just go ahead and use the best way out of your possess fingers now we’re going to get into a bent over position like we did earlier to the quantity ropes get our core tight rather fingers going through us we will do a dishonest over entice with so we will carry our Australia and control which all of the manner up and manner down this was not a carry and handiest laying them up and harm yourself but it surely’s at a best manage and manipulate wall on the way down this what really works your traps to your neck just right upper back as good as your rear delts and shoulders as continuously we’re making sugar breathe entire time just right pleasant and manipulate preserving that core tight 5 4 three two one and last one zero good ok take a seat up massive and tall once more subsequent we press our weights or simply our palms up overhead we do overhead twists now we’re going to go aspect to aspect it is a excellent one for the core having your fingers overhead acts as a weight and that weight and that resistance be certain the ABS and your core work even harder so I do not want you to simply twist your neck proper in reality want you to twist and pivot under your abs and at your core no don’t suppose the need to pressure and go thus far staff simply twist the the place it feels cozy and the place you consider that core and those ABS enticing pleasant job and keep respiration preserve relocating three two one and nil excellent thanks we’ll go proper back into that march in situation that we move it this is it is the home stretch that is what we’re calling the cooldown first-rate work that wasn’t so bad was it that you can come back and repeat that you can do it into this bar and get it via once which you can come back and do it once more or no which you could go just march in place here we are as the home proper here you are close to done k well how excellent you’re gonna believe when it is far and wide I consider about how proud you’re going to be when that is all stated and completed that you could say hiya you already know what I’ve worked out today I activity I did some thing to make myself higher at present and pleasant bear in mind no longer about being the high-quality practically being a little bit better than you were the day past working out for a contest or understanding to avoid wasting our lives here we go and in 5 four three two one zero that is it you are all completed thanks a lot for becoming a member of me and dealing on with me at present make certain you return and seek advice from this exercise ordinarily and you’ll get the results you are watching for if you happen to did like this exercise ensure you investigate out a Spitz internet site where we’ve countless numbers of extra free exercises we’ve got our free meal plans aid you lose or reap weight as good as our complete thirty to ninety day fitness programs please do me a huge favor and subscribe to our YouTube channel it is going to really aid us hold this nice service free like us on our facebook fan web page or comply with us on Twitter we’ll make sure you get the exceptional daily motivation while you are at our store put the t-shirt or poster some thing it takes to aid you keep stimulated and preserve out on monitor i am instruct Kozak monastic and i will see if your next workout you


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