[Music] what is that my body a warrior’s welcome back to a further video and an extra full physique flexibility events be to the primary volley of flexibility events used to be whatever I used to do on a day-to-day basis it used to be very priceless for me it is been very valuable for lots of you so I suggestion it used to be about time that I had a refresh had a rather distinctive situation and a few extraordinary workouts this video is also a follow alongside so think free to join in pause the video if you happen to have got to and comfortable stretching we are able to begin with the head and we’re simply going to do some head rolls in each specific course so the first we will breathe in and tilt the top all the method again into extension as we breathe out we’re gonna convey it down and take a look at and tuck in to look at it we’re gonna breathe in go to the left hand facet as we breathe out we’re gonna go to the right and then we’re gonna repeat quantity two types of breathe in full extension breathe out full flexion bring it in to the left breathe out to the right let’s go you a different time for just right success so breathe in full extension breathe out relatively tuck that chin should consider stretch the entire manner up your again your neck perhaps even since your backbone breathe in left and breathe out proper proper now we’re gonna start incorporating the spine so it is gonna breathe in once more and we will also lengthen our again so breathe within the extend the neck extend the spine squeeze the shoulder blades together already open that chest up breathe out we’re going to come into a bit of of a hollowed role respiration go to the left hand side just move the body to the left as good breathe out it is the proper hand set now we’re simply going to do that one or yet another time so breathe in full extension squeeze your again carry your chest breathe out into flexion push those shoulder blades aside you suppose a stretch in the again breathe then go to the left push the hip out should suppose a stretch all along that proper-hand aspect and breathe out the other part so now I suppose a little bit limber gonna come down go go into downward-facing canine with this one simply go as far as your flexibility enables ideally you can be pushing instrument by way of the shoulders and you’re gonna try to arch the reduce back you can transfer about if you want we’re just gonna hold this for a number of breaths it is just form of a normal stretch simply to get everything going it is variety of world does the shoulders does the hips as the ankles then they come down into right here you wanna be squeezing your bum trying to pull your shoulder blades again spending as much so hello we’re gonna go inclined to mendacity on the bottom put your left arm out and ninety levels and then all you’re gonna do is you are gonna twist over onto that left hand side the stretch out that set there it can be foremost to try and pull that shoulder blade back and then all gonna do i’m gonna breathe in push the arm gently into the ground so it in somewhat little bit of piano i know we know breathe out and chill out and check out and get a bit of bit deeper in that stretch and repeat this four times so if we then push down breathe out triangle over deeper push down breathe out just relax in sup guys breathe in push down final one do the identical factor swap websites although deepen that arm at ninety elbow at ninety push that chest into the ground and pin that shoulder blade back we then push in I proposal you’ll despatched effort he is out calm down you’ll be feeling really a first-rate deep stretch correct into chest ordinarily your percentwould keep breathing another reliable for then you push down breathe out excellent liberty final one all right we’ll come again onto our desires into baby pose i’m just going to relax here for a 2d take a couple of breaths what we’re gonna do next is we’re gonna focal point on the rear delts and the rhomboids so we’re gonna take your correct hand slip it under your left and push that shoulder into the bottom from here you are going to check out and twist away out of your shoulder so twist your proper hand side you should consider a stretch into the lats the rear delt the rhomboid for your again we are able to moreover push into the bottom as you breathe in and as you breathe out you are gonna attempt to twist away there appear that four times as good best deep darkish magic respiration final one now we’ll swap sides so thread that left arm beneath press the shoulder into the bottom breathe in push the arm in breathe out attempt to twist away breathe in push down breathe out twist the way in which it is gonna be following this pattern the locker and this activities goes final one so in a comeback into child pose right here we’re gonna do is you are gonna position your elbows on the floor lock your palms together and sink again into what is type of like a butcher’s block after we’re on this position right here we will do some extra PNF so you are gonna push your elbows into the ground as you breathe in and as you breathe out you are gonna try to push your chest down and relax deep will have to be feeling the nice stretch on your lats into your spine it can be a just right mobilization again breathe in push the elbows in breathe out trying a reduced both you repeat this four instances final one guys to breathe in push down water now we’re gonna push back up into that upward dog relatively calm down the hips we’re gonna do now is i’m a Kensi pushup in order you come down right here breathe in as you get to the bottom you are then gonna breathe out pushing up loosen up the backbone i’m gonna push as far as that you may even as maintaining those hitch connected to the ground you breathe in okay backpedal we’re gonna repeat this an extra two instances so breathe out to your manner up calm down the again of the decrease backbone mobilization on last one breathe in come backpedal final rep so i’m going to push back now right into a quadruped position we will do is inside a contralateral which means that reverse facet extension so you are gonna raise your proper hand up and your correct leg up keep pushing through that shoulder hold the direction that’s all just going to hold this for just a few breaths what we’re seeking to do here goes to check out to spark off that proper hand glute so we’re gonna open up that correct hip and set off the postural muscle mass on that left shoulder they usually come again into that quadruped function carry that left leg forward i’m gonna go go into a lunge you gonna lift your right hand above your head i am gonna preserve that glute engaged push the hips forward and you are gonna twist over so your left hand aspect you should consider quite a gigantic stretch up the entrance of your hip flexor and in addition into your correct hand facet and maintain this role for it’s three to five first-rate deep breaths every time you breathe out guys try to sink just a little bit deeper so so we gonna accomplish that gonna bump that left leg out somewhat bit attempt to get our elbows onto the ground i am gonna opt for that again leg up so this now we’re gonna be moving from that proper leg and now we’re gonna be stretching out the glute on the left leg from here we’re just gonna hold this position that you may type of move round you could even method some twists in reduce the spill or you might have any tight areas so it can be gonna maintain this function for just a few repetitions don’t forget guys for the duration of this hobbies breathing pleasant deep and diaphragmatic ly so from here you’re gonna carry that left leg across right into a ninety role and deliver that right leg again right into a 90 so we’ve obtained the front leg 90 levels the again leg and ninety levels correct hand for your left foot and clearly in a lean your chest over that left leg let me get into a factor the place we cannot go any further we’re gonna stop we’re gonna do now it will push on the into the ground and we’re gonna breathe in i’m gonna breathe out i’m making an attempt a bit bit deeper now preserve this three times so push in breathe out a bit of bit final one push the knee into the ground breathe out woman it video once I come back up sing put your left hand to your left knee and we’re gonna do the equal but we’re gonna try and get our chest over off however so lean over it is gonna take a little bit bit extra into the piriformis this probably a little bit tighter for a few of you again equal process so we’re going to breathe in push that knee activate that glute so push it into the ground breathe out attempt to get access a bit bit extra over that foot a different time k three reps you recognize i am gonna come again be sat in a pike role on the ground toes point your toes flexed does not really subject an excessive amount of we’re gonna go ahead i’m gonna grab our toes you cannot snatch your toes take hold of your shins at the closest point that you may i am gonna try and stroll our hips back sort of sat on the highest of our hamstrings as a substitute than sat on my glutes from here we’re gonna you’re gonna breathe in and we’re gonna attempt to carry our chest while maintaining on for these toes so you should think slightly of an intensification essentially seeking to arch that back roll that pelvis breathe in and maintain this function i am gonna breathe out trying go just a little bit deeper and repeat this 4 occasions and preserve hold of those toes breathe in chest up push that lessen back forward must consider more excessive stretching these hamstrings breathe out looking to get a bit bit few extra times a breathe in raise that chest push that pelvis it might say wiggle round get your self on those hamstrings final rap breathe in raise that chest breathe out a little bit bit from right here you understand situation our hands at the back of us keep our ft on the ground gonna carry up right into a reverse aid positions that is gonna support beef up our shoulder extension as good as keep these glutes and hamstrings firing just going to hold this function for a number of breaths i’m gonna push by way of the shoulders quite your trackback scapula hold that chest high you must believe just a little stretching the biceps and the front of the shoulders so we’re gonna come now into the squat function in case you can not sit quite simply in a squat you then could ought to hold on to i’m just going to shuffle around move forward facet to part loosen the whole thing up and we’re gonna go back into the same chord root function and we gave that contralateral extension of the reverse part so right hand up left leg again preserve this for just a few breaths once more they may be seeking to activate that left glute and the proper shoulder preserve that deep thought i formatic breathing again so i’m gonna carry that left leg down proper leg forward into the lunge and from right here sweet ugly push I hip ahead left arm up you understand main over to that correct hand side preserve pushing these hip forward seeking to maintain the square try and preserve that glute energetic we’re just going to preserve this position and as you breathe out try and shift somewhat bit deeper three to five breaths on this function guys then I come down once more shift that right leg out elbows to the bottom carry that back leg up and again as we did before i’m simply going to spend so three to five reps on this role transfer about get that hip relocating you could have those twists and if you want to type of find those tight spots those tight spots the place you do not regularly get to will have to be feeling a first-class deep stretch in the glute and in addition the hamstring on this correct hand like let’s maintain preserving this role hold moving round after which we’re gonna go back right into a 90 ninety however this time the proper leg it is gonna be forward left leg is gonna be again we’re gonna the same again so left hand on our correct foot maintaining that chest up seeking to roll the hips as far ahead as that you would be able to preserving that backbone impartial and then we’re gonna do now’s breathe in push that knee into the bottom again by way of that glute breathe out attempting just a little bit deep rope that correct leg one other for luck k sure we now have been a lovely severe stretch in the glute and then come again up to that simulation get our right hand on that right knee when it come straight over that proper hand left foot and try and do the identical once more so push that knee into the ground spark off the glue maintain the chest up if that you may breathe out try and get slightly bit deeper if that you may possibly a further right here that’s it come again up sitting this time rather of going into any Pike we will go into a pancakes ok so retaining these legs straight you know spread these legs as wide as which you can we’re gonna do the identical thing so you are gonna attain as some distance forward as you could keep the chest up try to sit on those hamstrings gonna preserve this position and as you breathe out give me just a little bit deeper and simply relax into identical again so elevate up breathe in try to roll that pelvis breathe out get just a little bit deeper do a couple extra reps record chest up beautiful skinny you cannot do this out on the ground you need to seize a block just to raise your hips gonna make this a bit bit simpler do one last time chest up and loosen up convey these legs together and return into our reverse plank function push via those shoulder blades we’re in a position open that chest up i’m just gonna preserve this position squeeze those glutes get that scale back back at present get those hamstrings activated keep respiration now i can walk ourselves again back into that squatting function after which from here you can just keep in a squat transfer round I find irresistible to do some twists there’s that knee out the opposite part you and these some barriers my favorite stretches and that is the stretching events guys quites rapid fairly simple surely bought my heart fee going somewhat bit type of covers the whole thing the whole lot in particularly a fine flowing style of way mustn’t take too long the full routine is within the description down below i will put a hyperlink give it a try in case you revel in these sort of are living routines follow along go away a remark down under let me comprehend in case you rather enjoyed it share over friends or of a colleague help an individual reap somewhat little bit of that flexibility possibly just enjoyed sphere hit that thumbs up button as always guys hit that subscribe button there may be three movies per week on this channel containing mobility flexibility body weight force & Conditioning everything however that’s been it this week guys have a strong week [Music]


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