Now I'm fat My weight is 85 lbs Well I will start losing my weight Let's see Health Well do you want to turn to the side? Okay You're always a full boy So everyone called me "pig" I accepted that I was overweight Since I accepted that I was fat, I didn't care how much I ate Or how much I drank So it became worse as I got older Then you experience some health problems I thought my body was like this And I thought I couldn't change them I met my beautiful wife in Australia I wasn't too full at the time I think that's why I met her then Now we live in Korea I love friends and socializing So I didn't have regular eating times or habits So I got worse One day I realized how much I was unhealthy And I wanted to change my lifestyle I'm not young anymore, I can't maintain this lifestyle Many of my friends have gained weight and have some health problems My wife also became pregnant So I wanted to do something important for my family and myself In fact, we must pass through IVF to have a baby I saw how much pain my wife had to go through For my wife and child I wanted to prove that I can do this It is important to be healthy and strong to take care of my family My wife shouldn't bear all that burden I wanted to share this burden I have made this project change, over 6 months, to change my lifestyle And eating habits and exercise habits I called this project "last chance" because I don't want to go back to being unhealthy again I know my wife loves me no matter what, but it's still important to do so So this is not the end I called this to motivate myself I'm in the middle of thirty and I think many people that I can't do this I know it becomes more difficult as I get older, so this is my last chance to change my life In Korea when people have a special exercise project And health, they have a special image To always remind them of their health And what they achieved This is my journey Seriously if you are going to write down this you should put the pants So, Yoojin sent you your coach what you do correctly? So send pictures of what you eat And exercise all the time and what else? And eat a small amount Oh that's difficult for you Move a lot So from tomorrow starts right? From today actually Now tomorrow, hard midnight Just starting now So tell me to take my body image or my body every day Well, you do it! Fight! First day So we call this project "last chance" Because I'm wearing 35 this year I am getting older If I don't try now, if I don't do it now I don't think I can do that, the rest of my life So I will do my best to achieve my goals So yes, let's see I'm trying hard Good job, I'm proud of you support me I lost 2 kg Oh good Good job, wonderful job How wonderful! what a day! We see! We can do it! So what do you think of my ability? Actually now it is – – Very good right? No, too bad Maybe after we are good because he tries hard Weight Loss And take care of his food a lot So it will be good I think he can.

I feel like I'm going to die You know we have only one minute break why? We did it twice? I think I'm really going to die I also sweat Will we do it again? Yes again No I will really die Please, you told me just two more sets People are not weak Humans are powerful animals Weak! If you think you can do this Weak! It's really hard. I feel like I'm going to die It will be fine in two minutes I'll do it when I feel okay You don't need to do that now I really feel like I'm going to die I can't see now You will see I really can't see You can see, you are looking at the camera I'm not looking at the camera Oh Eugene ah You just pretend Later Let's stop, I'll die Again, let's do it again I can't even sit? You're wearing fancy Nike pants Nike pants but the person from the open market Mr.

Hyo Joon shows his belly Stop, stop it Today, Mr. John showed his belly again No Cut this thing Ah why do I do this? I just want to do this I look like a monster I don't have to do this Hi I'm Eugene from DingTube Hi, I'm Hyo from my Korean husband This is the fourth week Do this one last chance It's really hard I don't know, I don't know. I think I'm weaker I don't know, what do you think? Yes you get thinner Can…

Oh, what are you doing? What is that? cheat day I thought you have cheats say that day? Another cheating day Oh no Hi, I woke up 5 minutes ago I am going to jogging It's really cool, it's like -3C It's not only -3, it's close to the river So it's very windy, very cold But I'm running because I have to do it Let's go Wow, I ran 3 kilometers I must go back It is very cold and windy So it's really hard to run Okay Friday night And it's almost 12:00 Almost midnight Everyone has a concert but I'm going to the Han River to run To achieve my goal It's raining, it's raining a lot So all my clothes are all wet But I still work And pollution is still bad So I have to wear this mask and look at this Plenty of rain And my shoes are wet! It's been almost 3 months I have another 3 months to go I still have a lot of fat, I mean, my stomach and my side Not over yet, another three months We'll see how much I lose weight let's do it.

Lost a lot of weight! Shrinking Hugh Are you only about half way right? A little more halfway Yes half way Last 3 months Come here very Difficult! Well I've been doing this for 4 butterfly already I think I lost many kilos And I have two more months I used to work at home but now I'll go to the gym I'll do my best and we'll see at the end of July How many hours do you do in the gym every day? I work 3 to 4 hours every day Yes, with my friends We'll see, please cheer me up Or I think that if you see this – it is already over! Well I've been doing this project, almost 5 months I think So one month to go I think I lost almost 15 kilos Yoojin helps me a lot We have another month and we have to work hard So we'll see how much we can do It's 4 am And no one is here now Me and Yoojin are just here We have just finished and we headed home now It's really tiring I'm so tired now So I need to go to bed However, things change a lot But I feel really very good So let's see how much I can change more Well, I told you I would lose 15 kilos I started from 86 kg so I will check So 71 kg I even said I started from 86 So 15 kilos, I lost 15 kilos Well, I have been doing this project for more than 5 months And one more month, which is really difficult I can't really eat salt and soy sauce So you are on your strict diet now Really strict It's tougher than you think Really really strict And we'll see how much I can change.

I still have some weight here But I lost more than my goal I will offer you the final change soon Well I'm in the gym and after 11:00 I'm just doing it myself but it's okay I know how I do Well I just finished and it's 2:15 am In the morning Oh it's 2:15 Yes, I'm going home and resting You need to work again tomorrow Because I only stayed 10 days! It's not easy but I think it's worth it If you are thinking of dieting or healthy, do it now Or do it today It's almost 2 am and I'm still in the gym It is a Friday night so I only stayed two days So I need to do my best And I checked my weight today. And exactly 5 months and 3 weeks I lost 20 kilograms Actually it's amazing to me I'm Dunno, I feel healthy I was before 86 kg, like April 1st I am now 66 kg My plan was only 15 kg but I lost more Because I'm going to take pictures and want to create a package 6 I'm not sure I'll be able to do that, but I'll do my best I only have two more days and we'll see The result Well that is.

You're in the changing room To do a special photo shoot, how do you feel? I'm Dunno, I just want to finish as soon as possible But I know it takes like two hours or something like that Should the makeup artist come as well? Yeah It's the last day then you can do whatever you want You'll get your makeup Do you feel like a Kpop star? No Well, you're getting the lines selected now How does it feel? I feel weird how do you feel? Well, I'm done! how do you feel? I feel pretty good You look good You saw some pictures? Amazing, it doesn't actually seem to me If you see my picture 23 weeks ago You will be surprised Really a really different person But don't worry about gaining weight, because I'll gain some weight anyway I will continue to go to the gym and eat less too So don't worry about me Keep doing that So keep doing it too .


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