– Way to go little one. – You’re messing withthe wrong little girl. – Hello, everyone. I am in Santa Monica to do astrength and fitness challenge between my level fivegymnast daughter, Salish. – Hi. – And Muscle Beach icon, Ike. – Hello. – Whoa. – Obviously, I’m gonna win this thing because I’m the Muscle Beach icon. I’ve challenged everybody at Muscle Beach. Mr. Olympias, fitness icons, everybody, and I always prevail. Man, I’m six foot nine and 270 pounds. – I’m nine years old andI’ve been doing gymnastics for seven years. I’m gonna win this thing cause I’m four foot eight and I’m 59 pounds.I got one message for Ike. You’re messin’ with the wrong little girl. – Are you ready? – I’m ready. – Are you ready? Are you ready?- Dad, chill. – We’ve got ten challenges. Whoever wins gets an awesome prize and the loser gets a serious consequence. Challenge number one, push-ups. Salish, you’re first. – Let me show you want anine-year-old girl can do. I did 36, I beat my record! – You think Ike can beat that? No.- Yes. – No, he can’t, he can’t beat 36. – 36 push-ups? Not bad for a nine-year-old. 30, 31, 32.- No, no! – 39!- No! – 40, ugh. Whew! – All right, so far we got Ike, one, and my little girl, nothing. Here we go, round two, rope climb. First one to get to the topand come back down, wins. One, two, three, go! Go, go little girl! You got this! Come on Say-say! Ike, come on.Get up there, get up there. All right, tap the top,come on back down, set. Ike, you gotta get to the top. It’s a race to the finish now. It’s gonna be a photo finish. Salish wins the rope climb! – That’s not fair, I’m like 270 pounds! All right man, she got me on this one. – It’s a tied score, one to one. The next challenge is flexibility, and we’ve found somecontortionists to help us out. Why don’t you show us something, and we’ll make them each do it, okay? All right, come up withsomething and show them.- You wanna do a chest stand? – Yeah. – I bet you can each do that, right? So whoever gets closer tothis pose wins round three. – Flexability’s my game, I’m a gymnast. Let’s do this! – She did it, she got herfeet on the ground, yes. Way to go little one, yeah! No favorites, no favorites. Come on Ike, I’m rooting for you. This is not fair man. All right man, you got that one. – I got two. – Those challenges are not fair, Jordan. – Next challenge, sprint. First person to touch my hand wins. When I say go, we go. I’m way down here, are you ready? One, two, three, go! Oh! – In your face. – I’m the winner! – You haven’t even hit my hand yet.- You’re lucky we were running in sand, or you would have been toast. – Ah, whatever. All right, it’s a tied score. Next event, handstand walk. Whoever goes further wins. Let’s do it. Oh god, okay I’m going down. Are you ready? – Yes! – Whoa, on your marks, get set, go. – No! – Oh good save, Say, keep coming. Oh, she went backwards! Oh no, she went backwards! – He went back up. You went back up and… – [Ike] No, I didn’t – Yes, you were like this. – No, I didn’t. – I want an instant replay. – All right, you won this one, man. – I’m taller than you. – For now. – All right, we got little girl Salish, is winning three to two. The next challenge is a backhandspring, let’s do it. – Woohoo! Try that Ike. – That was pretty impressive. – I can’t do all that, but I can do this. I mean, come on, for six footnine, a giant, 270 pounds. You gotta give me a point for that. – You know, that was pretty impressive, I think I’m gonna giveyou each a point actually, that was pretty impressive.- Okay, I can deal with that. – Yeah.- Oh yeah? – Aw, man. – All right everybody thescore is four to three. Remember, huge consequence for the loser, prize for the winner. Also, Ike’s got somethingto tell you right now. – You better hit that button and subscribe or I’ma come for your front door and snatch you outta your seat. Yeah, and you better hit that bell too, or Ike’s gonna do that stuff to you. – You still didn’t click it yet? I’m bout to jump out that screen. – Next challenge, muscle-ups. – I should get bonus points. – Thank God in heaven. Help me win this thing! I got that one, we tied four-four.- Okay Ike you got me there, but let’s try a kip. – A kip? – Yeah. That’s not even a real pullup, that’s like cheating. Like that, how you kip? – Nope, that’s not a kip. Glide, swing, leg lift, pull. Is that how you kip? – That was pathetic. This is how you do a kip. – Oh, that’s a kip huh? All right, we are at five to four. If Salish wins, it is over folks. The next challenge, dips. Salish, you go first. One, two, three, four, five, six. Six, okay, yeah littleSay-Say, you got six. All right Ike, you think you can do six? – Man, I’ll try. – Hey, listen, if you do yousix, you tie this thing up. Come on, man. – Woo hoo! – Five. – Don’t beat me!- Ahh! Six. – No! No! No! I want to win the prize,so this is a tie breaker.- I want to win the prize too. – Whoever wins this, wins the whole thing. Drum roll, please! – Salish is going to dosomething on this beam, Ike you gotta copy it, let’s go. Yeah! – Woo, woo, woo! – Who’s picking the exercises? Come on, Jordan. – You got something to say to me? – You being biased? No. You got this Ike, be the beam. – Better have some handkerchiefs, cause she’s gonna be crying. – Oh yeah? – Yeah. – You’re gonna be crying. I got beaten by a nine-year-old girl! Life is not fair. – A strong nine-year-old girl. – Here comes theconsequence and the prize, but first, follow Ike because he’s epic. Go to his Instagram, and if you don’t, he’s gonna beat me up. Also, you should He really will, really. So, Salish beat the giant. If you want to know if shecan also beat her brother in a strength contest, go to Hudson’s YouTube channel right now. There is a brother versussister strength challenge video waiting for you. – And now for the consequence.Ike has to carry me aroundand do whatever I want. Ice cream! Let’s go, let’s go. – What are you doingwith two ice cream cones? It gonna melt, you can’teven eat them that fast. – That way. Oh I want to do that. – Come on man, she evenbeat me in the arcade, man. – This one, this one. I got two. – Vampire teeth. – Look what I won! – Now don’t go around at nightbiting other people, okay? – I’ll think about that.- Okay. – Well, no, you gottahold her up, no, okay. Oh, ah, ooh! Relev, yes, oh okay. – She’s gonna be so mad,she’s gonna be so mad..


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