Other best fitness book that have had the most influence in hacking my path over the mountains of my ever-resistant, failingly, mortally, miraculously human self.


The author  TIM FERRISS

I like the idea of hacking your body. Who doesn’t? Ferriss’s principles, derived from self-experimentation, gave me the urge and the guts to experiment on myself too. While not all his techniques worked for me, I did pick up a few gems like the 80/20 rule, which can be applied to everything from workouts to sex. The slow-carb diet didn’t really work until I added low-fat on top of it, but the only low-fat slow-carb meals in Singapore’s food courts are the fish soup, yong tau foo and Western stall and I eventually got tired of alternating between them and decided to leave this diet to the Westerners, or at least when I’m in a Western place. If the Japanese can stay lean on white rice, so can I.


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