Happy New Year! Happy New Year Guys, from me to you. Now with that out of the way, can we start
working out? What is it about this time of year especially
December, everybody like to put off their dedication to fitness until, when, January
1st. So I figure, what if I made a video here where
we speed that process up because I know if you start now, by the time January 1st rolls around you're
already going to start to see changes and feel better about yourself and be ahead of
the curve. And here's the deal, we can't keep relying
on external stimulus to motivate us to workout. We can't keep relying on dates to make us
workout. Because guess what? We're always going to find a reason to keep
putting them off. I've said it before in a video of ours. Someday is not a day of the week. It never will be. If you keep thinking that Happy New Year,
those three words, trigger your dedication to fitness. Well guess what happens on June 1st, you going
to say Happy Half a Year. You're not going to care anymore, You're not
going to care.

Or people will say When I get Back from Vacation! Or when the kids go back to school! Or When My Friend decides to workout with
me. Everybodys always got, or next Monday. At least that's a day of the week but it's
not now. And people always want to push the date further
and further back because they know that changes are coming. And they don't want those changes. They know they need to, they see it in the
mirror every single day. They re-convince themselves every single morning,
when they look in the mirror and go, I've got to do something about myself. I've let myself go. But there's never a strong enough stimulus
to make them say I'm going to make that day today. And my job as a coach is to make sure that
your day is today. The crazy thing is if you think about what
it is that gets people to move and act on something.

It's usually some form of a displeasing event
will cause you to really want to change and do it right away. If you were to step on a nail and you had
that nail sticking in your foot, do you think you would say, Ah that really sucks but I'll
take it out tomorrow, we can wait. No you'd be getting that thing taken off right
away and out right away. Or if you had a rabid animal running around
your house because you left your door open. Would you say, that's ok, he'll be fine for
the night we'll get rid of him there tomorrow. You'd be getting him out of there right away. So why is it that when someone sees themselves
and hates what they see because it happens all the time, guys. I get emails, really heartfelt, serious, deep
reaching emails, guys looking inside themselves and being honest, and saying, I can't stand what's happened
to me. I used to be a Division 1 Athlete and not
I can't move.

Or I used to look so good that I had everybody,
you know asking me what I did to workout and now I have nobody thinking that I ever worked
out. Things that really hurt. But meanwhile, despite the fact that they
hurt, there's always some reason why we pushed them off. And I'll tell you this, it doesn't have to
be that way, if you guys make this a dedication to changing in your lifestyle.

You'll get it to work and you'll get it to
click and you've got to start right now. There is no better time than starting right
now. Forget New Years, forget all this bullshit
guys seriously. I mean I like, well actually I don't like
New Years all that much, I don't. I like the Holiday Season. I don't like New Years in particular because,
I do, I feel that people wait too long and they put so much emphasize on that day, and those two weeks because we know that three
weeks later, January 21st 85% of the people that started resolutions on January 1st have
given up on them.

They've given up on them, they're gone. There's no more stimulus of January 1st is
gone, Happy New Year is gone. If you have to write it on your calendar every
damn day if that's what's going to make you workout. Then start saying it now and use it every
single day for the rest of the year. I don't care, if that's what you need. But you've got to start doing something. And don't do this, please don't do this. Don't set yourself up for failure by creating
our own barriers, people are renowned for doing that, they will create their own obstacles so that
they know they'll fail. So that they'll have a reason for why they'll

Don't go join a gym that's 60 miles away. Ah, you know I can't ever make it, I mean
it's sure a far way away. How am I ever going to make it to the gym. Great, then you're probably not going to. I wouldn't have made one 60 miles away, so
don't do that. Workout at your home. Or like I said, ah, you know, my workout partner
didn't show up today or they're going to be out of town for the next couple of weeks so
I can't workout. Then don't rely on a workout partner. Let me be a workout partner if you want. I do that in our ATHLEANX System. I try to be your literal workout partner,
I try to tell and coach you through every workout.

I'll do it. I'm happy too. But don't start setting up these obstacles
so that, oh I can't follow any type of eating plan because I don't like steak. Then don't eat steak! Eat Chicken, Eat Fish, Eat one of the many
zillions of protein options that we have that don't require, and if you're a vegetarian, eat the vegetarian
items, just don't eat what you don't like. There's so many foods, you don't have to confine
yourself to this really restricted diet of foods that you don't like, that's an obstacle that you're setting up
for yourself so that if you don't dedicate, and I mean really dedicate to changing your
life, and you wind up falling off that path, you
could easily say that's the reason why I fell off that path.

No, that was an excuse and that was a self
made obstacle that you put up in the first place. So, that being said, Happy New Year, no seriously
I really mean it, Happy New Year. This is going to be your best year ever. And if it needs to start right now, then it's
going to start today because I think it should. I don't think we should ever be procrastinating
and pushing back what we could do tomorrow, that we can do today. Especially since you're able bodied, you're
able to do it, it's a blessing to be able to have this day to be able to make that change,
so go for it! That fat that you see in the mirror, or whatever
it is that's displeasing you, the way your knees feel, the way your shoulders feel, make that the nail in your foot.

Get it the hell out of your foot and start! That's the whole point guys. Start acting today, I'm telling you, especially
guys that use our program. If you're going to see changes, you will see
them fast. We have the ability to create fast changes
because we start training you differently that you've ever trained before. We train you like an athlete. When you start training like an athlete, you
see changes because you've never trained this way before. Even if you are an athlete. And you can do that guys at ATHLEANX.COM with
our ATHLEANX Training System. and again, I'm happy to be the guy that takes you through, I'll be your workout partner, just let me
do it before, God's sake, get off your ass, let's go, it's New Years now. Guys if you found this video helpful, if it
gave you a little bit of that little kick in the ass that you might have needed today to get yourself motivated to start doing something
about it, that is exactly why I did it.

In the meantime I'll see you guys back here
in just a couple of days with some more videos of course. See you soon..


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