[sc name=”Ad Article 1″]How does excessive sexual activity affect fitness ?

1. Many question whether bodybuilding affects sex and whether it affects positive or negative !

The real bodybuilder is always more regular than the rest of the athletes. He is always keen on the qualities of eating, sleeping and exercising.

The diet is all that is healthier All the more effect on the body positively. And increases the amino acids in the body that play a large role in building the body.

The most important of these acids is the acid arginine. Which is the regularity of the bodybuilder. Which is responsible for the blood pump in the human body and we all know that the penis is a blood vessel and stands through the blood pump.

The bodybuilder is also a low-fat diet that increases his erectile capacity. Always because too much fat in the blood affects the strength of the erection of the penis.

The level of male hormone in the blood of a bodybuilder is always higher than normal human. Because it is permanent on the sports activity and regularity in his daily life. Which increases his desire and strengthens his performance and makes him control the relationship better because he is always focused high and accustomed to patience.



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