first at 4:00 childhood obesity in San Antonio is skyrocketing now Planet Fitness and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America are teaming up in a unique way to fight the problem Eyewitness News reporter Jeremy Baker shows us how Planet Fitness is sounding the alarm they want teens to stay active during the summer that's why they have their teen summer challenge where teenagers can workout all summer long for free this is something that you don't see a very often this is a great opportunity for students I feel like all teens should join this marissa holmes is taking advantage of the teen summer challenge at the planet Fitness on Bandera Road you have all this equipment it's work you can use it for free we're trying to impact the youth at an earlier age change their lifestyles and not only for fitness but their eating habits in barre County 65 percent of adults are overweight or obese in high school students that number is lower at 30% Planet Fitness wants to get kids on a healthy track early to try to keep those numbers down we're offering them a free membership where they can work out and improve their health that goes for you couch potatoes too not only can you workout but you can watch TV at the gym at the same time they can actually come in and we have a trainer who will exercise with them and Planet Fitness isn't monkeying around they're working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to to make sure kids there stay active during the summer they are doing that by installing these mini judgment-free zones in their clubs that's really exciting to think that we're gonna be the first city in America that will have too many judgment-free zones this one open already on the west side has weights ellipticals treadmills bikes and floor mats we really want to encourage kids to eat healthy to take care of their bodies Jeremy Baker Ken's 5 Eyewitness News Planet Fitness will also be awarding a $500 scholarship to one teen in each state who signs up for the team summer summer challenge and then one $5,000 scholarship to one lucky teen across the country


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