8 Steps to start the bodybuilder sport . And build great body and to be stronger man

your body can become stronger if you consider the fitness a life style .cause you must take a good food for your health and for build your muscle and you must use your mind to good training.
so Are you ready?

The Muscles

Muscle is the mainstay of the human body, along with the joints and bones, and these muscles are divided into two types, involuntary muscles that operate automatically, and voluntary muscles which we can control, the muscles we want to strengthen, and we will mention in this article how to get strong muscles.

1- fisrt step is start with Free Weights And Compound Movements.

To be strong and hug, they are exercises must really to start
-Bench press
– Deadlift
-Military press
-Power cleans
And other variations of these movements. They recruit the largest amount of muscle mass.
To start with the Free weights . you must stabilize the load and allow weights to be moved exactly as the body is designed to move them. Since the trainee is controlling every aspect of the movement, every aspect of it is being trained.

2-Be smart and Learn Perfect Technique to train a long time.

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