– whats up, guys. I’m Corey. I’m going a month with out ingesting and i’m going to report it. (claps fingers) If i’m being straight up about this, i am now not excited. I like to drink. I think it can be fun. It is whatever that my associates do. We go out and we grab some beers and it can be simply how weengage with every different. I consider for awhile there I used to be getting really overwhelmed with the stress of existence and a relationship and school and work and i might handle that stress with the aid of consuming and trying to numb that and i’m realizing that that’s not a technique for me to handle this, and that i have got to simply take just a little damage. (sighs) right here we go! (upbeat tune) – My boyfriend, Corey is effective. He’s just lately gone backto college for business. He works at considered one of myfavorite bars in los angeles.And he still finds time to collaborate with me on Buzzfeed tasks. I’m not about being foror against drinking. That is anything that makessense for him in my view to take a look at and i hope it is a excellent first 30 days. (upbeat song) – k! So today is day one. I bought off work and i obviously inspiration a few activities of, do Ihave beer on the condominium? When am I gonna get it, but it’s day one, man. Sack up. So i’m striking this on the fridge so each time i’m going to open thisbad boy and suppose about it i’ve this, don’t drink.Don’t do it. Ya enormous dumb idiot!(lady laughs) So i am simply now getting off work. It’s midnight and ordinarily i would go dwelling and have my drinks. However tonight i’m gotta exchange up my activities and i am coming over toBecky’s considering nothing helps being sober like havinga sizzling lady to your mattress, or her bed or whosever’s bed. You get it. (upbeat song) Being around drunk persons, a few of them are rather stressful. And other of my buddies,simply some of them are beautiful humorous drunks.And i don’t mind being around them. So me and a chum ofmine came to a bar today and i’m consuming a water, however the bartender is a pal. And this is a… That is what I got. (male laughs) scrumptious. – i hope you are hydrated. – Asshole. (techno track) I found that I crave that feeling of simply popping some thing open and having whatever to drink. So I’ve tried a couple of non-alcoholic beers. We are doing the non-alcoholic taste experiment. So the second is Beck’s. All correct. – All right. – Cheers. – Cheers. It tastes like a gentle beer. – but like weirdly candy. No longer a fan of this one. – [Narrator] No, k.- now not a fan.Most of them should not just right. However I discovered one i like. The O’Doul’s Amber.- All proper, cheers. It tastes like beer. – It tastes like beer, correct?- Yeah. – Yeah, I might try this. This is hitting on thecravings beautiful good. Cheers to that. (cymbals ring) what’s satisfactory, when you are not ingesting? Waking up. Waking up is first-rate. It doesn’t suck close to as unhealthy because it did. Ah-hh. I’m genuinely feeling pretty good. I believe very focused. I believe very clear. It is been fairly fine certainly. Aa-ohh. I’m frustrated. (techno tune) – last night time used to be the first night time that we went out with a large team of persons with Corey now not ingesting. And i would now not think what occurred. There used to be a factor within the night when a couple of the regulars at the bar are asking him again and again. Are you fairly not consuming? And once he mentioned, "yeah, no i am not." They truely booed him. – [Crowd] Boo.(workforce laughs) (loud bar noise) – So i am out at a bar, fully anticipated a few of my associates to be dicks, and you know what? A few of them really are dicks.- they did not let it go for the period of the complete night time. – Boo. – I particularly hope that this subsides. (techno tune) So tonight Corey had this significant scan. Rather a lot was resting on this stupid scan. I simply obtained a call from him that obtained me relatively worried. So he in short known as me and mentioned that he failed the testand that he may just drink. He does not comprehend. After which i tried calling him back and his cellphone was off. – So I just obtained out of the experiment. And that i failed it. I mean I bombed it. I labored so difficult. And the final thing I need to do correct now could be do that stupid fucking video. Feel about how I failed. I just wish to get beer. I just want to go residence and chill out and simply fucking overlook about this experiment.Fuck. Fuck. I do not know. (soft music) – So i’m very comfortable tobe doing this vlog in these days. So last night time after Corey and i talked on the mobilephone, one or two hours later, he known as me again. He informed me that whenhe obtained house last night, he used to be furious, and that he was once so tempted to drink, however as an alternative hethrew on some gymnasium clothes, left the residence and wentfor this long, angry run. (organ notice performs) – So i am now justgetting again from my run. And today was once conveniently the toughest day that I’ve had to this point. Every intuition in me used to be like, go residence and have a beer andinstead I went for a run. Alcohol is an extraordinarily quick term solution to what are very long term issues. And today rather of getting that beer confirmed how committedI am to my future. And for that, I believe really excellent. (organ note performs) One factor I’ve noticed quite a bit is my anxiety is significantly better.And i do not forget thinkingwhen I was once ingesting that that would variety of calm me, but what i realized wasthat the subsequent morning my anxiety rebounded form of worse. And so i’m noticing that mylevels are much more stable. – I consider that I’ve noticedthat you’re face is much less crimson. – I’ve noticed that too. – have you quite? – okay, so I observed anything intriguing. I read that alcohol is dehydrating, which explanations inflammationor enlarged blood vessels within the face. That is what explanations redness from consuming. And i detect that youjust get pink loads much less. – [Corey] Yeah. So seem at… Holy shit. Seem at that. Appear at… I’m joyful i do not look like a discontinue signal. I feel I regarded a bit dumb. – You didn’t seem like a discontinue signal. – I did, I appeared dumb. – No you didn’t. – Yeah, I did. That one photo looks actual dumb.(mild tune) All correct so we’re three weeks in. I’ve discovered a number of matters. One, i go to miss out onsome matters on occasion. And that’s simply going to need to be okay. Like, you already know, there’sgotta be a factor in the night time where you simply name it,like a few of my friends, it can be like three beers. After they hit that threebeer mark, you do not know whether or not i’m here or no longer soI’m simply going to head dwelling but I’ve additionally learnedthat most importantly, i do not have to be drinkingto have a good time. I can still exit with my boys at a bar, have interaction and still revel in myself.- [Recorder] So the way you doing? I am killin’ it.(loud bar noise) i’m drinking a waterand no longer giving a shit. – [Male] no longer giving a shit. (upbeat tune) – I had taken a photo of him earlier than we began this. He had mentioned that he had desired to get in better form and so I took a before picture. So we took that unique same, or roughly same specified position snapshot. And look at the difference. – [Corey] it can be loopy. In simply 4 weeks of no longer drinking and really the only understanding. – okay, this can be a man. This just happened haphazardly. – but i am completely happy about it. It can be been challenging but it’s been really good in ways that I didn’t even assume. So my relationships havegotten tremendously better. Sex is extra enjoyable ’causeI’m not like concerned about my intestine. I’ve surely noticeda self assurance improve.At tuition, i’m rather more in a position to be taught, which I consider is extraordinary. Nevertheless it used to be complicated tobreak by way of the loop. But as soon as that happened,the long term ambitions grew to become a lot more obvious. I used to be ready to no longer simply suppose about, okay what do i want bodily, but what do i want professionally. What do i want five years down the street. I could consider much greater scale. (upbeat tune) – Yeah. – 94, option to go. – i’m the smartest man on the earth. – Amy, are you getting this? – [Recorder] Yeah. – seem at these grades, child. – [Recorder] Oh my. – Steven Hawkin aint obtained shit. – k. – That guy can quite fuck me. Ninety five, ninety five my baby’s a genius. – across the board I just believe a lot more like me. – Yeah. – you know? I’m just me. Unfortunately. (upbeat music).


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