or the fall now like cooler today for sure true and we missed the boat on getting in shape during the summertime so I guess our buddy here regional manager Stacy Dillard is gonna help us do just that with some simple and easy tips we noticed that the couch is still here today so we don't have to it's a good thing so what do you say to someone that says I just don't have time to go to the gym oh excuse you know everyone has time you just gotta you know balance your day out and you know there's certain tips that we're gonna give so that you don't stop your fitness journey or you know if you haven't begun get it going and I think one of the great things about Planet Fitness it's not intimidating when you walk in some gyms you go in and people are throwing weights around it's very part of our judgment free zone we want to make a comfortable not intimidating atmosphere for our members you know a lot of our members are first-time gym users so we cater to that so that's why you know you don't have a lot of you know big guy slamming weights around no lumps right no long snow they hit the alarm if there's a guy that's like you know dropping weight sure all right so find a friend that's probably the first step yeah so I mean you know getting a gym buddy it helps motivate you to go to the gym you know hopefully if you find yourself not wanting to go hopefully that buddy will motivate you to go or vice-versa so that's definitely one of our first tips to kind of get you going do you recommend like couples should they work out together is it more like a buddy like a friend or a girl I mean it depends I mean if you know if your significant other it's motivated into it yeah you know or you know if you have a friend brother buddy system I guess how about balancing your your habits oh you know what with fall combs get a lot of TV shows you know easy distractions for you're not going to the gym we have TVs at the gym you know you come in do your cardio watch TV show while you're doing it and there's a lot of them in there too yeah something we have 15 average and most of our clubs you know I watch it while you cry don't like doing cardio but yeah caught up in the show then you're done you're watching CT style let's say there you go also get into a routine set a plan yes setting a plan is very important I mean I typically you know the night before when I get things together for work I get my gym bag ready my Mills you know my shake you know and then the next day you kind of got to go got everything ready yeah exactly exactly you do meal prep as well yes I do no prep Sunday you know for the week you know get my stuff ready for the gym it just it's easier you know helps with your time so then you don't have an excuse to not go to the John yeah and one quick mention here you guys have this really cool circuit training where you can go into this room and basically go around in the circle and do like a full workout in like a half hour yep it's a 30-minute circuit it's part of our PPF program with the fitness instructor um it's really good if you're in a rush to go to the gym and get out you get a full body workout in 30 minutes um I use it and it's it's pretty effective cool all right we have one more tip here let's take a peek and see what it is mix up your routine what makes sense right like you're talking about you could do the circuit and that's what's the confusion exactly and that again goes with the P IPF program you know if you you know getting bored with your workouts or want to learn a new routine sign up with the fitness instructor and we'll get you going there as well and it's so nice because it's so affordable talk to us about the pricing breakdown and all right yeah well right now we actually have our it's one of our best promos of the year it's a $99 for a paid in full membership for the whole year you know that price you can't beat we're running that to the end of this month so I advise everyone to come in join any of our fitness locations we also do have our black card membership which is $19.99 per month which has access to full amenities of all of our clothes yeah he made it sound easy for sure I mean it is you know you just gotta not have excuses and get ready exactly exactly all right we'll check you out at over at Planet Fitness calm thanks for be interesting thanks for having


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