What’s up Alisa precisely Chris area welcome to an additional video of legit 10x for the last couple movies now we have been masking the introduction to calisthenics get started with calisthenics for those who’ve never completed a pull-up push-up dips in your life we educate you the basics and the progressions to grasp the basics now we will take everything that we learned from the introduction of calisthenics sequence and observe them into contemporary workout this entire physique exercise and to make matters more relatable I need to convey up on our digital camera guy Kevin take the cameras or the stats a 2nd Kevin here has been training with us in the 10x health video for the past couple months and he has almost long gone by means of the introduction to calisthenics as good so we’re going to put him and myself by means of this exercise let’s do it [Music] [Applause] all proper so let’s get started so at present we’re going to be doing a whole body workout that incorporates the whole lot we realized from the how to calisthenics sequence Kevin is going to be doing it without weight just calisthenics and i will be doing weighted calisthenics to exhibit you guys that after getting mastered it with out weights it’s time to add weight on to enhance your calisthenics coaching and get to the next degree so we’ll do all the exercises that we learnt from the the way to start calisthenics series the l-sit down pull-u.S.A.Dips push-u.S.Pistol squats now we’re going to max out each single one with ideal form and when we smash our form we’re then going to work down the previous development so the primary endeavor we’re going to do is L sit down we will max out our Elsa so long as we will with perfect kind after which we’re going to go into L sit single leg switching from there we’re going to go into tuck L take a seat after which we will go into leg raises and then knee raises you able Kevin let’s do it [Music] so that you cannot hold to any extent further that you could then convey in one leg put that leg up deliver this one in tight after which while you are not able to preserve that one in swap you can not hold that switch good I just preserve it make sure we’ll scapular down good man let’s move into leg raises see what we’re doing right here is that we’re retaining that time underneath anxiety and our muscle groups – probably men and women simply stop we want for the following pastime we hold conserving on when we go down the whole progression that is what you cannot do anymore for the new Angels that deliver these knees up [Music] oh thank heaven it is lovely excellent let’s get me going so the subsequent move we have is pull-u.S. You will see that we’re working down our progressions and doing this of path is going to build endurance and getting us to stay on there working out longer on the bar and of course if you are understanding longer on the bar you are best going to get superior so now we’re going to go into pull-americawe’re gonna begin with the hardest progression Kevin that you would be able to go with pull-usai will go along with weighted pull-americanow i’m going to move down take off the burden you wish to have to tug americahe’s then going to enter jump negatives leaping pull-usaand then finish off with the Australian so we’re going to max each one work down the progressions you’re ready to do it let me put this on rather rapid [Music] all correct begin alright so after I take off this weight correct right here undoubtedly suppose like tremendous light [Music] [Music] [Music] all proper we want philosophy [Music] over the final breath comes bows once more oh all right Gavin you’re the person let’s preserve it going dick bro let me get you with uh let me bring this actually you want it okay moving on we’ve dibs now we’ll max out our dips after that we’ll go into leaping dips and they’ll go into in the back of backers all correct [Music] [Music] all proper you ready bro [Music] all proper [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right move on this is killer even that you’re doing it it’s out wait with weight lovely difficult o.K. You wish to have to get on beside at the back of the Baptist go for [Music] [Applause] [Music] whoo the way you doing Kevin excellent whoo there we go oh man all right subsequent we’ve push-americapreserve that man or woman type guys hold these elbows in let’s go for it so we’re gonna go from these push-united stateslaps out these push-u.S.And go into me core carrier ready [Music] [Music] k announcer unless now i’m going to do a pair extra very well moving on okay next we now have pistol squat so the progression for that of course would be pistol squat assisted pistol squat distinctive squat after which it is normal slide so i’ll start with the aid of assisted holding on to here on account that this is beautiful tough Kevin over here goes to start with the CD that’s simply at this may squat we will match them up excellent Wow [Music] [Applause] [Music] you capable all proper let’s go to that jobs jump squats child we’re almost carried out [Music] whoo all correct there you have got it oh my god this thing appears like ah on Japan houses guys that’s the way you develop your reps that is the way you get your foot within the door calisthenics that is how we begin calisthenics you need to construct up your reps focusing to your ultimate reps you are ideal born start focusing to your time underneath anxiety preserve going with out stopping and focus on working down you are progressing considering that that is how you’re going to get probably the most out of your exercise and that’s how you’re going to get the most out of your muscle on and of path recall your isometric preserve in the event you cannot rest anymore and coming down negative so for the following entire senex workout packages wavy calisthenics weights and calisthenics calisthenics workout packages that’s going to get you the excellent form of your lifestyles it can be handy to start that is going to take you a very long time to grasp sign up correct now signal XCOM become a member download our app the next app shopping in the app store to take our workout routines and programs with you far and wide and should you guys want another push for the duration of your exercise keep in mind to hit us up fedex.Com lower retailer and buy the following ignite our brand new pre workout that’s going to have you ever killing your units thank you guys so much for gazing and we will be again quite soon recollect we post every Sunday 8:00 p.M.Eastern u.S. Time thank you guys so much we loved [Music] you [Music].


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