– I burned a calorie! – [JP] Shake it off for a bit, Keith. – Oh my thighs. Oh no, I’m gonna do thething where the bar goes up? Oh that’s my biggest fear. (upbeat club music) (mellow rock music) How’s it going? – [JP] How’s it going, Keith? – Thanks for having me. – Of course. First time crossfitting? – Yeah. – [JP] You got it Keith! – Oh, I can’t get me heals out. (grunting) It kinda looks like a prison yard workout. (laughing) If I’m being honest. What is crossfit? – Functional fitness. You have Olympic weight lifting, you have gymnastics, you have endurance. – What’s she doing? Can’t do any of thosethings but keep going. (laughing) – That’s what we’re here for. – Okay. – We teach you how to do that. (determined rock music) – Hey man, what’s up, Zach. – Zach, JP.- Nice to meet you.- Nice to meet you. – I brought my other weak buddy. (laughing) – So give me 10 sit ups, go. – [Zach] I don’t knowhow to, I know like– – Sit ups or crunches? – However you guys are doing it at home. – I don’t, what you do you mean at home? I don’t. (laughing) – [Keith] When I was in high school, I was in a weights classat the high school. – Okay. – The only other people in thatclass was the football team.So I think I’ve always operated from a place of intimidation. – [Ned] You guys are gettingso high up off the ground. – Fuck you, Ned. (laughing) Like, really? – I asked if crunches,crunches are different. – Remember the thing we saidabout people ridiculing us. – Sorry, sorry, sorry. – I think another fear is thetimes I’ve been in classes I felt the teacher is puttingus all at the same base level that I didn’t feal I was at.- [JP] Right. – And that made me moreinsecure about my ability level. – And that’s totally understandable. – What is, Rachel? (laughing) – [Rachel] I sat on the bike, I’m sorry. – When people come in here,they always say the same thing, do I have to be fit to be doing this? I think it’s the best platform for anyone that’s tryingto get into fitness, right, ’cause everything is scalable. If this is too hard, right, and you’re starting to break, you’re creating badhabits in the beginning and we don’t want that. It is more valuable togo here X amount of times and then as you get stronger in that, all right, Keith, let’stry it now five here. It’s also great to seepeople make that transition from not working out to getting confident and now its just part of their life. – Whoo.- Whoo.- Yeah! (laughing) – So, here is your workout. 500 meter row. – You guys measure in meters here, I thought this was America. – Yeah, you can check that. – 20 push-ups and 10 ring rows. – What the fucks a ring row? – [JP] That’s the one you did earlier. – [Zach} Oh. – Yeah! – [JP] Pull-ups. – Can you write that as goofy pull up, just so we know what’s going on.- Oo, I love the extra oo. – Wow, oo! – [Zach And Keith] Goofy pull-ups. (laughing) – Sounds like if itwere a children cereal. – [JP] You have a nine minute cap. – [Keith] For each thing? – [JP] For everything. – How are you gonna doall that in nine minutes? – You’ll surprise yourself. Three, two, one, go play. (dramatic music) Drive it Keith, let’s go. What made you decide to try it out? – I’m 31, I have neverhad a fitness routine. – [JP] Breath through it, pace through it. – You know, eventually yourbody doesn’t work for you. – [JP] Right. – It starts to work against you if you don’t take care of it. – Nice and easy. – All right. – And, you’re done, come up. (gasping for air) – That was so hard. You know, you see lotsof people at age 50 or 60 having heart attacks, I evenhad someone on my Facebook feed who probably has similar health to me who had a heart attack and he’s 33.(gasping) That’s very scary. – Right, right. – And I think maybe that wasone of the insighting incidents of I should change my lifestyle so I don’t have that situation. – Come on, two more Keith, two more. Good, one more Keith. – [Rachel] Yeah! – All right, on your back Keith. – [Ned] Yeah, okay, let’s go, let’s go! (heavy breathing) – When you get stronger, right, you get more confident and a lot of timesthat’s the missing piece, making that initial step. – Oh yeah, got it. – What else, what can do, what have we? – [Ned] 20 push-ups. – What did we just? – [Ned] 20 push-ups. – Why don’t we just doplank, huh, just do plank. – It’s either thiscrossfit or something else.It doesn’t have to be this. – Yeah. – But you’re doing a change. (grunting) Good, relax, done. (laughing) – Do you think he calledthem goofy pull-ups ’cause he knew we’d never get there? (laughing) – Nowhere even near, push-upsare totally impossible after being so warn out. – Considering I workout a lot more than you, I do yoga and physical therapy, you’re not far behind me. – All right, nice, I’malmost as good as a guy with a crippling disease.(laughing) (mellow rock music) – So today we’re gonna do a crossfit class with a whole bunch of other people. It’s an after work class, so there’s gonna be a lot of people. – Shit. – And they are probablygonna be pretty fit ’cause a lot of them will come every day. – Going to a place where alot of people are strong, in a class, is very intimidating. I will be the weakest link, I will be the personpulling the class down. – But, you’ve got me andthe other Try Guys with you, even though there might bepeople that look intimidating, it’s a family atmosphere. – We have guests, Nedbrought his friends, be nice. (laughing) – I’m glad that theother Try Guys are here, although two are themare stronger than me. (chuckling) – Now, what I want youguys to do is partner up, grab a 25 pound plate. What we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna do a relay. Partner A will grab theweight, walk over to the cones, or run and then once youget back to your partner you’re gonna switch.We’re gonna do as many roundsas possible for three minutes. Three, two, rock it out, one, go! That’s it, walk it, good. Walk or run, walk or run. And then turn. (laughing) Go! – [Keith] Before Wes. – [Ned] Before Wes. – [Keith] How often were you coming here? – [Ned] Probably about three times a week. – [Keith] When? – When?- Yeah. – 6:45 AM, that was theonly time I had time. (groaning) – [Ned] Oh, look at thatboy run, look at him. – [JP] That’s it. – Way to go, Ned! – [JP] Let’s go, let’s go. – Now, 6:45 AM is baby time but I’m hoping to get back into it. – [JP] Four, three, two, one, head back. – 13. – [Ned] Okay, cool. – Today’s workout strength portion is a 10 minutes every otherminute on the minute. Okay, so every two minutes we’re gonna do two push jerks at 75%. – Push jerks? – Push jerks.So that’s what’s happening. – You push jerks. – Here you’re gonna dip, gonna go under that bar. – This feels ridiculous. – So the reason why we use PVC pipes, if you can’t do it well with this thing, then there’s no point to do it in the bar. So I don’t want to see, that or that, okay. I want to see this. And go. (feet stomping) Awesome. Get your head through. (loud exhaling) Good.- Yeah, what? – A lot of times people do this. – Yeah, I would expect to do this, ’cause why would you want togive yourself a guillotine. Literally it’s like, allright, (imitating gagging). – [JP] Right, right, right. – ‘Cause that happens,I bet that’s happened. – Not here. – Of course it’s happen.- I don’t know. – Mistakes always happen,people make mistakes, we’re only human. – If you’re not very comfortabledoing push jerks, right, we scale down with a push press. – Push presses.- Push press. – Push presses.- Push presses. – Push presses.- Yeah. – Those are hard to say. – Yeah. And press, overhead, head through. Good, and back down. – I really don’t want to uppercut myself, that’s my biggest fear (laughing) is upper cutting myselfwith a big ole 40 pound bar. – I’ve seen upper cut, yeah. (laughing) Get a good feel of the movement first and if you feel like yourform is compromised, stop.You have four minutesto your working weight. There you go. – [Ned] Yeah.(group cheering) – Wow!- Feel that difference? – [Ned] There we go, Keith. – Right, okay, one more time, ready, go. Good and back down. – I feel like that’s as heavyas I’ll be able to sustain. – Let’s go with at 2.5. – Yeah. – To 2.5 there, add a 2.5. – You’re gonna add? – Yes. – I thought we were go down, okay, well. Let’s go up, let’s keep going. – Go up, baby. – Man, this is the hardest part. – [JP] Three, two, one– – That was a warm-up? – [JP] Let’s go Keith.- [Zach] Now he’s doingthe same thing again? – High elbows. (dramatic music) That a boy, good. (grunting) Good, use those legs. Jump it up. (grunting) – Keith’s crushing it. – [Ned] Yeah. – [Zach] My hero. – Going for it. – [Zach] You’re a mad man. – This is what he told me to do. – I’m not gonna lie, Keith, the way that you’re intimidatedby other people at the gym, I’m now intimidated by you. (grunting) – I’m screaming just like I knew I would.- Nice job. – Oh my God. – [JP] Zach! – 35. – [JP] Eugene? – 95. – [JP] Keith? – 65! – [JP] That a boy! – [Keith] What’s an RFT? – Rounds for time. – Rounds for time. – Time, mm-hmm, so four rounds. – Okay, that didn’t reallyclear anything up for me. (laughing) – [JP] If you’re not doing GHD sit ups. – I don’t know what he’s saying. – None of us do. – Your scale will be weighted sit ups. Of lunging– – 50 feet of lunging. – You’re lunging, with weight, right. In your shoulders, through your side, rear sandbags, think fun, right. – You guys love sand bags. – I know. – I don’t get it. And then 15 sit ups. – [JP] Yep. – And you do that four times. – Four times.- In 12 minutes.- Yeah.- I can do that. – Yeah.(snapping) – I can do that.- Easy. – No problem. (dramatic music) – [JP] Up, good. – Because everybody’s doingdifferent levels of workout it was harder for me to look at them and compare them to myself because some of them had 100 pounds, some of them had 50 pounds, some of them had 20 pounds, and they were all sort of struggling the same amount. So it kind of looked like wewere all doing the same thing. Whereas when I go to ab workout classes, I just have to give up a lot earlier than some people who can do it forever and then I’m sitting therethinking about how I can’t do it while I see other people succeed. Doing it with friends isdefinitely a lot better than doing it alone. Everybody’s got different goals, you’re just trying to meet your own goals and it’s a supportive environment. – [JP] 10, done. (applauding and cheering) 11 to one. – You think that otherpeople are judging you but it’s really just I’m judging me. – What, what, your mind was blown? – Blown! – Yeah! I’m so proud of Keith, he was– – The form was excellent.- [Ned] Yeah. – It was great to havethe other guys there, Zach and I both learnedhow to do the jerk, we didn’t really do thejerks but we did jerky stuff. Watching Eugene do it,it was kind of like, Jesus Christ Eugene, he’s was like push, oh my God, I just tried to bend my knees. Oh, they hurt so much. At times it got a littletoo Disney channel, I didn’t need people clappingfor the end of my workout. It’s like you did it, you little weakling.But yeah, having a littlegroup every so often you could check in with eachother, I thought it was great. Yeah! We did it. – Yeah, crossfit. – We tried crossfit. (upbeat rock music) Whoa! – [Ned] Whoa! – Whoo-hoo! Wow, that’s better than I’veever done in my entire life..


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