(Stephanie) k.. (Jeff) have you accomplished this before? What’s going on guys and welcome to the video so you guys learn the title, correct it is going to be a couples cheat day today considering that Jeff goes to be becoming a member of me today He usually comes alongside and he eats with me, however he doesn’t ever do a full-on cheat day. So this is be This shall be his first one. Gonna…Gonna pop that cheat day cherry. I’m gonna exhibit him find out how to do a cheat day right, and the first thing we have become Donuts, of path but first I wanted to exhibit you guys that we surely each did a physique replace this morning So i’ll roll what we are both watching like We both sincerely did weigh in so you can see our beginning weight after which we are going to each weigh in tonight and then we are going to do a Physique replace the next day to come morning for you guys and i’ll proceed to do them for the subsequent couple of days (Steph) but i will mean you can off the hook.Perhaps he’ll just do one the next day or anything like that. First discontinue: doughnuts. (Jeff) Let’s go it is a gigantic day. For the previous few weeks, I did like just a little mini reduce (Steph) you can most commonly have noticed that my weight is a little bit bit lighter than it most commonly is – (Jeff) that she’s shredded and Jeff has also been reducing so we hungry Ooo the hot and equipped signal is on! All proper you guys so we got the items. We are going to have the hot glazed ones first within the vehicle whilst they’re still hot and then we’ll go forward and bring them home and have the relaxation of them there we are amateurs due to the fact we didn’t get napkins (Steph) First bite of the day a hot glazed doughnut is a ten out of 10.It is so excellent -(Jeff) fast 10, just like that (Steph)What you suppose of it scorching? (Jeff) it is good. Scorching glazed, constantly delicious, consistently effective. I cannot wait to consume the rest of them. However earlier than we go dwelling, one other stop sport time, you hungry? So since I forgot to tell you within the intro January 15th certainly have just like the worst history ever for you to see the date and time. I took this image in the vehicle i am making use of it as the historical past you guys consider me. Ok, so Krispy Kreme, let’s get it We acquired the limited-version cheat candy doughnuts, which are a few of those chocolate ones I consider.I wish to start with one of the crucial restrained variation ones. (Jeff) Yeah, i’m doing the raspberry for definite. This is the first-rate it is the goat. I virtually have no idea what these donuts are. They only seem like chocolate. (Jeff) Cheers (Steph)Cheers looks like some style of Oreo crumble and the specific donut is fried, however it’s chocolate. That is different. It’s not like a cake donut. Let’s see that’s good that is cookies cream for definite Mmm, thats oreo. The within filling there is like a cookies and cream filling (Jeff) let’s examine if i can do that God, the raspberry is so just right So I in general want to check out all of them first considering I even have Donuts from Dunkin’ so i am not gonna eat the entire factor.Then I additionally need Jeff to check out them too So i don’t wish to consume all of the whole lot. (Jeff) Krispy Kremes my favorite. They’re so just right this is one other one of the confined edition Donuts. No clue what it’s. We gon’ find out there is like a chocolate cream filling and thick chocolate icing on prime So excellent want a few of mine? I’ve one i will do the raspberry filled, the og. What’s the (Jeff) what is the right etiquette for sticky fingers? (Steph) A combo of licking and napkins So i’ve the raspberry stuffed. You guys recognize, it is a favorite. It’s been a at the same time it’s the fine i am telling you man. Oh my god as so much as I loved these first two, this one’s higher What should I try subsequent? I wanted this one too, proper? Mhm, mhm it’s a chocolate ice with the cream just like the Krispy Kreme filling.Yeah Mmm that is beautiful good. It’s like a whip, a whip cream. I’m going to do the strawberry frosted with sprinkles So the strawberry frosted from Dunkin Donuts is sincerely my favourite Dunkin Dunkin Donuts. I kinda wanna have them again to again and examine Mmm they’re honestly relatively special The Krispy Kreme one is much sweeter. These are the donuts we received from Dunkin’ incidentally, they look potent So that is the Dunkin’ variation, they have got their DD sprinkles. I like the frosting from Dunkin’ so a lot better. I just like the dough from Krispy Kreme, cuz it can be so much softer This one’s like fluffier, but – I kinda wanna are attempting them each now. Mhm they’re really exceptional. See, i really like the feel of Krispy Kreme. The textures are so distinctive but the frosting is best Ooo they are genuinely lovely comparable. They may be both excellent. They may be each good though. Hmm I acquired me a lemon filled, nothing too pleasing, but i really like lemony things Mm-hmm. Are you guys crew chocolate or staff fruit? But i like chocolate, it is difficult it can be tough to decide on and Krispy Kremes cake donuts are good, they’re not ever dry The blueberry cake donut i love this one.That is like an OG one Mmm, do you wanna are attempting like the raspberry with the chocolate? Yep mostly exceptional with chocolate icing. Oh wow, tremendous one of a kind. Do you like it? Still relatively much like that one nevertheless it’s simply the chocolate offers it a totally extraordinary flavor Yeah, so it’s like they may be raspberry crammed, nevertheless it has chocolate icing on it, so it traditionally offers it a fully exceptional taste Yeah, gonna are trying Mm-hmm same factor, but dough is truely manufactured from chocolate These chocolate doughnuts are so particular. It is like a chocolate muffin or whatever. Oh wow, I suppose I like the common the satisfactory. Oh, yeah originals exceptional. Gonna have some of these from Dunkin’ the caramel chocoholic it can be a cake doughnut and Dunkin’ is not the high-quality with cake donuts.They may be mostly particularly dry it can be not dry, not dangerous excellent like Chocolate caramel flavor are trying. I want to check out this one, what is that this? Oh, it is um, jelly-stuffed. It is strawberry apple. Give it a shot i am gonna do apple fritter that is your favorite. I do know, it is been a while when you consider that I’ve had one Holy crap! It’s a large apple fritter it’s so good, i do not see any filling on this one. Regularly they’re crammed, commonly they are now not. This is like their cinnamon spice donut Apple fritter is surely particularly good. It frequently has filling, it has this filling from this doughnut – the apple pie filling That probably my favourite, honestly. More than the raspberry?! Maybe yeah. K, Boston Creme. Tim Horton’s does a good Bostom Creme, just announcing that’s sincerely so good. It is now not dangerous it’s just right. Wow, the chocolate on that is really just right. I’m gonna have a pair more bites. So today it’s no longer a competition Ehh, maybe not for you.Pleasant competitors. So far he is striking with me. You similar to inhaled these matters before we get something savory though, i’ve carrot cake Oreos! Carrot cake is my favorite form of cake. Look at them in all their glory they may be lovely just right, they’re not as good as the apple pie ones, nope. They have got the spice they have like the cream cheese frosting taste. They are just about too spiced. Let’s examine what you acquired I think they’re relatively excellent. Oh yeah? I like that cream cheese filling, they may be so just right. If you have not tried these but you might be missing out What’s so just right about these is that the white chocolate like the coating is first-rate and thick Thats so excellent i like those. I am nonetheless kinda hungry, I want to have a number of extra bites of doughnuts. Do your thing, i am gonna lie back he is not used to the sugar don’t wanna get too full. Round two You hungry? And we wait.That is health in a pitcher. Speakme of healthy. He’s trying to detox after the donuts I desire a donut detox guys Blueberry and kale juice or whatever – tonic. I’m going to exhibit you what we get once we get it so here we’ve got a some type of egg white and hen black bean and Quinoa plus avocado burrito after which a filled with fruit on the part So I got a chicken basil and pesto quinoa energy bowl excellent? It looks fairly excellent. That is so just right. There it is, that avocado looks so good and the cheese I wanna are trying yours. I might say are trying from the contemporary one. You might have are attempting mine too – yep it’s lovely good, eh? That’s super just right yeah, yeah. In case you come to first watch, get this, that is so just right That too Making excuses already, I just started. Mine is clearly empty now not too full almost always might consume more sweet stuff, to be sincere, but it used to be scrumptious We’re gonna wait for Jeff to finish after which see you back at the residence seem in the back of you should we get it? So it’s currently 1:20 within the afternoon and we have been back from first stay up for just a little while And of direction, you guys be aware of me, getting somewhat hungry.Earlier than we go to the gym gonna have some sweets I’ve officially become a food hoarder due to the fact that i’ve a meals web page for those who guys do not know that i’ve a food web page you’re sound asleep i’ve some pop-cakes within the toaster correct now and they are the sugar cookie pop-truffles I’ve certainly not had them earlier than however i know that they may be bombs, so i am excited to offer them a are trying i’m group put them within the toaster. What must I try first? I have.. Oo, those! I’m gonna are attempting these first They smell like fresh made sugar cookies, oh my goodness. Oh my god If you can imagine like Pillsbury Doughboy sugar cookies straight out of the oven. That is what they odor like Mmm and that’s exactly what they style like. Thats the excellent poptart I’ve ever had. Relatively? Mmm, he’s about to smash the snow globe. Oh, it can be in a snow globe! All correct, let’s assess it excellent, proper? Do this. Oh wow it’s so soft. Mm-hmm Mmm! See! I simply got recruited. Mm-hmm. It is surely higher sizzling.To be sincere, I win! You’re onto anything. I determined these at target: maple almond butter Snickers. There is 4 small portions in right here Mmmm it’s quite just right. It virtually would not even taste like a Snickers The almond makes it simply tastes like a utterly exclusive type of sweet bar. I believe it can be just right but I consider I just like the normal Snickers better. I like it although. My English followers told me to give this a try to I discovered this at a Walmart in Canada So i’m excited to take a look at it honestly forgot what it even is. It is variety of messed up, however oh good, mostly still good It acquired destroyed, typically in my baggage. It can be contraband Mmmm I used to be not anticipating that at all. There’s like rice krispies in it. That’s excellent. You’ll discover here there is like rice krispie bits, marshmallow nougat, and chocolate four:25 Oh Henry! Oh, there isn’t any chocolate.This looks precisely like a payday. Crunchy peanuts wrapped round chewy caramel Mm-hmm. I like that. That’s particularly just right. This is just chewy caramel and roasted peanuts. So they have got like a particularly nutty flavor What’s next? I have a sense it is gonna taste just like peppermint bark, however i really like peppermint bark, so So all these crimson dots they may be actually sprinkles so they provide like a crunch when you chew into it. Mm-hmm, i like that i really like white chocolate though. I’ve been loss of life to try these. Godiva limited edition birthday cake brownies Ooo, you guys know the way I suppose about white goodies.You know i am all about it Hmm Has a rather creamy filling very very good birthday cake flavor. The filling is like frosting Mmm, I fairly like that Mmm, Godiva has such excellent white chocolate. Next is that this KitKat caramel burst and sea salt explosion Hmm tastes like a caramel KitKat I still like it though. I don’t know if this is new or no longer. And that is Snickers peanut butter This tastes like a Snickers Mm-hmm, it tastes precisely as if a Snickers and a Reese’s Cup had a baby. That’s exactly what this tastes like Mm-hmm, if you’ve ever desired Snickers and Reese’s to collaborate, it’s this bar right here okay, so I suppose that is everything I wanted to take a look at. I am genuinely gonna devour some this different pop-tart, it’s still pretty heat This is among the other ones that I popped Mm-hmm.This used to be obviously a highlight of this cheat day. This is one of the quality matters I’ve had in these days So it is 1:38 and Jeff and i are going to move to the gym rapidly he’s looking to stand up a video after which we’re gonna get some thing just right after that. So i’ll see then you the place are we going? Happiest location on earth, Disney World. 2d nice happiest location on the earth, Publix Oh boy! This is for me correct right here. That is to Jeff, as donuts are to Stephanie. It’s whatever i would like, proper? Yep. Aww yeah! I’m absolutely having some Popcorn fowl. Mac and cheese All correct four:forty six January 15th, it is time to devour. You need to duck a little bit. You have got to throw your posture out the window on a cheat day. We’ve every – every sauce on the planet.Go forward bird tenders, popcorn bird. These are the excellent fowl tenders on this planet – non-negotiable Mmm! The batter is robust that is the way you do it. Buffalo sauce Buffalo is good too. Mhmm i’m genuinely gonna have slightly little bit of this mac and cheese My hair is gonna get in all of the sauce. My hair has actually been in very dark and deep areas i am gonna are attempting some of these Mmm, the mac and cheese is just right just right, it is excellent after having numerous sweet stuff at present. Candy stuff, is my jam. You like the whole thing. I love meals commonly rattling! This is so just right. I am gonna have got to bleep that out What part? Damn! No you’re allowed to assert rattling on here essentially the most generally asked query I bought on my Instagram post that I posted in these days announcing I was having a cheat day with Jeff, due to the fact I said I took a spoil from doing some cheat days on account that I used to be doing a bit of little bit of a reduce i haven’t had a cheat day in like two months.So i do know that is gonna be a in most cases asked question it’s been two months given that I’ve had one. I am coming again, coming again powerful first cheat day of 2019 So this was once not rather alleged to be my meal i’m just I obtained it on this. So i don’t wanna eat an excessive amount of on the grounds that i’ve pizza coming Quarter of a pound of that and i’ve had two tenders so just so i can monitor it for you guys Mm-hmm, and then i’m gonna say this can be a half a cup of mac and cheese and i’ve had, you realize similar to slightly little bit of it i haven’t, i have not had that a lot in these days so this could go into the later hours of the night he is a hour of darkness snacker, so I possibly eating somewhat bit later than I probably do so one can be fun for you guys.True underdog story Is he gonna make it come back? You guys need to watch to the end to look. No, you’ll be able to see. It can be the underdog story of the century good, it could just ought to happen Im gonna stop there, i’ve pizza coming My Pizza Hut repute: We’re making your order, they better hurry up. Oh! Pizzas on the best way Are you able for that correct now? Yeah! What’s it look like? Ok, now it can be my time to shine. I wasn’t even imagined to devour any of yours Oh my god, smells powerful! So it is now 5:eleven. This is actually, in case you don’t know, that is correct after we simply completed consuming Yeah, we simply conclude consuming and that used to be just a little snack.Barbecue fowl pizza, obtained stuffed crust Yeah, chum. Let’s have a look at if this one is as just right as the one in uh Let me genuinely, like. We must prop up the.. You’re fully right. I’m hungry I don’t know if that is gonna work babe, k that is so excellent. I gotta take a chunk of the butt My battery – timeout, k, we’re again.All I’ve had is only a few bites. Appears so funny, it”s like one gigantic chew out of the crust and then Yeah Mmm, that is so just right seize, wanna dip? And the stuffed crust makes it.. The crust is just like the quality phase Slice number two puts in point of view how speedy I eat i’m comfortable i will be able to be the average. He is on his first one. That’s loopy You do eat speedy. You understand the messed up factor is i’m virtually seeking to consume turbo than I on the whole would, for certain i’m literally trying to like devour turbo so i don’t take forever, like on digicam number three i’m trying to compete After Cheesecake factory that is what I’ve probably been craving the most, to be sincere with you.And this can be a significant pizza, so these are large slices i’m gonna stop there – three slices. It was so just right. Jeff had one slice. Thanks for becoming a member of me on it 5:27 and if we gon’ get some cheesecake, let’s get it ok, so before we get cheesecake, i do know now we have been speaking about cheesecake all day, I got converted after the pizza those have been my gymnasium garments earlier than and it’s now 6:25 however I had a woman who follows me on YouTube. Her title is Robin and he or she sent me probably the most mighty looking cookies. So big shout out to Robin. These are ginormous Cookies you surely wrote out the energy for me. These are almost like a thousand energy apiece So i’m trying to decide which one I must have. Cookie butter snickerdoodle, double chocolate caramel, chocolate peppermint bark, walnut Nutella, White chocolate cranberry – that, that’s calling me.I am a white chocolate lover perhaps you prefer one and that i pick one and we each try them I consider you should do the white chocolate cranberry. Oh, yeah? Yeah. I think you can like that one. So i’m gonna go warmth it up, i’m going to be proper back looks like a scoop of ice cream. This is what goals are made of, wow Wow That Tastes like a thousand energy. That’s so good. It kinda tastes like cookie dough. I particularly cooked, it can be quite sizzling It has that rather do-it-yourself cookie style Oo, scorching this is powerful. Yeah, kinda wanna try it Hmm are attempting that half for the reason that i’m gonna track this as a half of. Let’s examine what ya got Holy cow. It is excellent, eh? It does taste like a thousand calories! Uh huh So I ate half of of that. That one chew was like one hundred energy. Worth it. Ok, cheesecake? Sure Oo yeah friend! And there may be large chunks of strawberry in it, oh my goodness I got slightly bit hungry after we went. Cheesecake manufacturing facility is a ways, it is like a excellent 20-minute force. So i finished at PDQ If you’re not familiar, PDQ is sort of a fancy quick-meals joint that has generally chicken however I obtained a cheeseburger and some french fries and a strawberry shake which I already tried in the auto and it’s robust.I attempted one of the most fries within the automobile too – they are very strong. Professional, delicious, cash. I was once gonna have my burger first it is a bit bit smaller than I suggestion it was once gonna be. It has PDQ sauce on it, which who is aware of what that’s I checked all the boxes Burger, pizza. Jeff is slightly bit full so he’s gonna kick back for a little i guess it took him to surely need to do any such cheat days with me to relatively understand like How a lot I devour.And you do not discover it too – cuz it comes so effectively for you. Correct proper. It is just long gone before you understand it Mmmmm. That’s a just right burger. That PDQ sauce is so good it is just right – isn’t that sauce just right? All gone. These fries are really good – professional and delicious. I desired to dip some of these fries on this strawberry malt shake. Give it a are attempting beautiful good, this is likely one of the quality milkshakes I’ve ever had Now for some cheesecake it is presently eight:forty at night time and that i just helped myself to a few 1/3 of a serving of all three of the cheesecakes that we bought Ooh, little one I idea it might be easier for me to track and i desired a few of everything. That feels so heavy I want to get a pleasant bite. Lemon raspberry was once most likely my choice, i love the fruity matters I form of butchered it nevertheless it still appears mighty to me *experiences actual happiness* that’s so excellent! That is scrumptious, it can be like two of my favourite matters: lemon and raspberry.It can be like a cake I wasn’t anticipating that suggestion I used to be gonna be like a full-on cheesecake, but it surely’s like a lemon raspberry shortcake Mmmm. That’s so good. And identical to that a third of a slice of cheesecake is long past. Peanut butter has probably the most raspberry on there Mmm, yum If you are a Reese’s fan, that might be totally your jam. Tastes like Reese’s in a cheesecake My god, theres a whole candy bar in that thing. I’m going to have a bite of this cookie dough it can be so rich but it surely’s so excellent. I’m gonna take slightly break, I failed to finish these two feeling a bit of bit full I overlooked that what was your what was your top high one? Think mine.Mine’s all right here okay, what used to be your quantity one? Lemon Raspberry. I’m gonna retailer that one for last clearly feel pretty excellent now true underdog story you devour the entire final order. What do you suppose the entire factor? Oh, yeah. That is my favorite that is my favorite thing at Cheesecake factory Go, Jeff, Go! I’m rootin for you. I am so pleased with you. You will have to avoid wasting room to check out the others. I’ll get to them Im gonna consume that with that one. That may be very wealthy, yeah. Yeah, that icing is loopy. That used to be the primary time I’ve ever had that one Love that one, however probably now not after after after cookie dough really? It can be particularly fresh Yeah, for those who like fruity things then the lemon raspberry one is so excellent. You have to eat it like this So they are able to see it is now not enjoyable if they can’t see the food So on the display we can put the winner of modern-day undertaking. You would have come by means of on the finish. Guess we’ll find out. It’s time to weigh Oh, it is no longer over till it’s over proper? It is not over until the fats woman steps on the scale.January fifteenth, 10:00 at night. K, k. Second of truth Do the thumbnail but this isn’t the top of the video this is not all she wrote regrettably you forgot it comply with up i’m going to see you in the morning. Good night good morning guys. So today as we saw is Thursday the seventeenth and it is two days previous my cheat day i will put my weight up on the reveal proper now you’ll see that my weight has gone again to my pre-cheat weight and that was once virtually stunning I suggestion I was once gonna take me like three days when you consider that I did go beautiful ham this cheat day I did do like over 10,000 energy as you guys saw that is what i am watching like I fairly hope that you guys loved this couples cheat day I relatively hope that it used to be a variety of enjoyable for you guys that made it this fart for those who made it this a long way you guys are the real MVPs i do know that you simply guys like my follow-up so I preserve doing them i really like you guys so much and i will see you within the subsequent one muah Bye!


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