Athlete’s body, ultra bright smile, Californian blond highlighted by a tanned complexion … Under the uniform of the policewoman Dresden is hiding an Instagram star. At 33 years , Adrienne Koleszár has put aside her duties as a commissioner. with a six-month leave without pay to fully live as an influencer. Nicknamed is “the sexiest policewoman in Germany” by the German press.

She have 600,000 subscribers in her instagram account.

Adrienne Koleszár left her work to becomes a fitness star on instagram.

Adrienne kolezar is policewoman , she left her work to becomes a fitness star on instagram
Adrienne kolezar

For the past Nine months. Adrienne Koleszár has been taking full advantage of her newfound celebrity and is multiplying the contracts as a model.

She becomes famous For cosmetics brands in the fashion and automotive sectors. In the same vein the TV station suggested that he present a fitness show.

The star of Instagram influencer marketing instagram.

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