You wish to have to feel higher you want to have more [energy] you wish to have so as to add yours your existence. We constantly say activity all of us want endeavor, correct? Recreation is good but what when you to overdo it with physical undertaking and it takes over your entire life well, then exercise may not be so just right. That is [Erin’s] story. My title is Erin, and i am hooked on activity I recreation eight hours a day. I by no means get worn out. I do not get sore i’m going to cancel plans i will cancel appointments it can be been controlling my life. I simply can not stop It was competitive gymnast given that the age of [7] coaching at the least 3 hours a day she mentioned to me i’m now not going to Damascus follow I obtained the thermometer and she or he had 103 [nose] the one time she didn’t need to go to gymnastics [I] started getting into marathons and triathlons.I on no account leave out a day 5 years ago i stopped up breaking my back [three] days after back surgery. I used to be already looking to go up and down stairs the final 4 years it can be now not giving me [the] rush that [I] used to think just doing three to 4 hours when I wake [up] round 5 o’clock is after I exercise, and then i’m going to work and then i’ll go back to the gym for another two hours And after I get residence on high my spin bike run to a meal snack it can be not i go to mattress round 2:30 once I wake up round 5:00 out run once more about eight months ago I acquired a message from a woman and It brought on a reminiscence that I’ve suppressed for thirty years. I was wafted from the age of six to ten when I got here to tell me that she had been abused as a child i’m on this nightmare to miss it it’s insanity my mare threw me over the edge so quite simply from that point on i have been adding on recreation so that I might just disregard about that whole nightmare of these four years of my life after I saw him three months in the past, my coronary heart broke [I] was met on the airport by anybody i wouldn’t even admire for the way thin she had end up i’m just scared that my body is solely gonna smash down Why cannot you are taking a time off? Yeah, I can’t.It’s simply an dependancy, and it’s each day. I get up and i’ve [to] do it [we’ll] [meet] Aaron after the smash you.


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