What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So, inevitably it seems that every time summerrolls around the questions start to roll in as to how to get the physique of insertthe celebrity physique of the moment and that’s the one that most guys want. This year it seems to be Zac Efron from Baywatch. Now, this is what Zac Efron looks like inBaywatch. This is what Zac Efron looked like a yearago in his last movie Neighbors. So how did he make this transformation? Now, before people start saying “Oh, I knowhow! It’s always steroids. All these actors use steroids to get themselvesready for a role.” I think it would be discrediting the hardwork that he put in.All you’ve got to do is look at some of theclips of him training. We’ve seen his workouts. Secondly, you’ve got to have a little bitof a realization of how far he actually came. In this after photo Zac Efron is actuallyonly between 165 and 170lbs and he started at 155lbs. so you’re looking at a 10lb lean muscle gainover the course of a year. Now, there’s a lot of things that I’m goingto cover in his training that I actually like a lot that I believe could easily lead tothat type of lean muscle gain, especially because he hadn’t been doing some of thoseaspects.Before we do, this isn’t the first time I’vecovered one of these sort of reviews of what this celebrity of the moment has done. Years back I did one on Taylor Laughter. A lot of guys probably wouldn’t even rememberwho Taylor Lautner is. This is what he looks like, by the way. Interestingly, in this after photo he was,yet again, about 165lbs to 170lbs. So the first thing I want you to realize isthat you dont have to be all that huge to look really good. If you can maintain a lower body fat leveland maximize the amount of lean muscle that your body can carry, you’re going to lookway bigger than somebody would ever guess. They’re going to imagine you weighing 15lbsto 20lbs heavier than you do because of all that lean muscle. Now, Taylor doesn’t look that anymore. As a matter of fact, he looks like this. I’m going to cover why I feel that happenedto him, and why I hope and feel in Zac Efron’s case it’s not going to happen.Let’s start with Zac Efron’s training. When you look at his training there’s somethings that I really like about it. first and foremost, if you’ve been watchingthis channel for any length of time there have been no bulking or cutting in that oneyear period. I’ve talked about how I think that’s unnecessarybullshit. You do not need to bulk up and then cut downto maximize your muscle gain. You dont need to do that. I dont care what anybody says. The fact of the matter is, I know more guysthat get stuck in that perpetual bulking phase that can never get out and the guy that cantake that slow an steadier approach and maximize and make some really nice gains without everhaving to go down that road.In this case of Zac Efron, I feel like he’sdone exactly that. Secondly, one of the reasons why I feel likehe’s been able to do that is he introduced heavy training to his workout and reportedlyfor the very first time. I know there’s a lot of guys watching thischannel right now that maybe have shied away from heavier training.They felt that it’s not something that eitherthey’re comfortable with, or maybe they dont feel like they’ve built the base for that,or maybe they just don’t want to try the exercises because they’re going to try them for thefirst time in public. As I’ve said in previous videos, you’ve gotto start somewhere. So you want to start incorporating heavy compoundlifts and start adding the weight as you’re able to. As you do that you’re not only going to seeyour size gains improve, but you’re going to see the muscle density improve as well. So we know that those two elements are inplace. Thirdly, the reported split that he used wasa push-pull leg split. There’s a lot of reasons why I like that split. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the phasesthat we have in our ATHLEANX training system and it’s because it allows your body to trainthe way it prefers to train.To train athletically. You’re training muscles for function, notnecessarily individually. So we know that biceps and back are both pullingmuscles. All their actions are going to be pull, eitheryour body closer to a bar, or the bar closer to your body. When we know that, we can concentrate on increasingthe athleticisms of our muscles and how they work together by doing that and choosing exercisesthat do that. So I could do a heavy, compound movement herelike a bent over row. We know that I’m not just working my backhere.Because my elbows are bending here, flexing,we know that we’re getting bicep activation as well. Same thing on a pull up. I can load up the pull up with added wei4ghthere to make sure it’s heavy. But at the same time we’re getting bicep carryoverand activation as well. If I were to split these two up and I weretraining biceps tomorrow and I had back done today, we’re not allowing for another criticalcomponent, one that Zac apparently had a high priority for. That is recovery between workouts. Because while I stimulate the biceps in myback workout today, when I go back tomorrow to do biceps on their own, I haven’t giventhem enough time to recover on their own. So you’re in this perpetual state of breakingdown as opposed to actually allowing any of those muscle to recover in between those workouts. So you’ve got your pull day, your leg day,and then on your push day you’re training you triceps, your chest, and your shoulders.Various activities like this: inclined benchpress, a shoulder press done with heavier weights, or even just a tricep push down. Now, on top of the split, it was referencedthat he also did daily ab training. So now I just talked about the recovery ofmuscles and how important it is, but when it comes to the abs, there’s something uniqueabout the abs. They’re incredibly resilient muscles. As a matter of fact, until you put your headdown on the pillow at night your abs are working. They’re working posturally just to hold youupright and if you want to make sure that you can improve their ability to do that,I think you need to increase the training volume of this muscle that you dont haveto do 30 minute workouts or 45 minute workouts, but I’ve been a big advocate of daily ab trainingin small sessions. Five, six, seven minute sessions. We even have a whole app the six packpromise devoted to that end goal to allow you to start building the resting tone ofthe abs and to have them become more stable and strong even just when you’re not training.So it’s a very important muscle and somethingthat you probably could benefit from by increasing the daily frequency of that. Finally, we talked about his ability to maintainthose lean levels all year round and to have some of those low levels of body fat. That’s going to come in from a combinationof diet which we’ll talk about in a second and his conditioning. His conditioning, I dont care who you are,you’re going to get bored if your conditioning relies and revolves solely around long walkson the treadmill. It ain’t going to cut it. If you want to become more engaged in yourworkouts and more engaged in your conditioning, particularly, so you can get better resultsand actually look forward to it, then start training more athletically.Get out there and start doing some sprinting. Do some agility work. He’s even been shown doing a lot of upperbody agility work just climbing around on monkey bars. That’s a good way to train. As a matter of fact, I have these bars herethat I installed in my gym so that I could do that to break up the monotony. I could go back and forth over these, tryto go fast, try to go slow, change it up to allow myself to just have a different effecton y training, rather than just straight up and down pullups. It’s all about training athletically and whenyou look at the whole picture here, you’re looking at ATHLEANX.You’re looking at how you look like an athleteby training like an athlete. That’s what we preach over and over again. Of course, the diet is a major part of it. This is where I think Taylor Lautner kindof missed the mark. If you go back to these pictures of what TaylorLautner looks like now, you have to just start with the clip.I’m going to play a clip of him from a radiointerview he did a while back around that period of time that he was in that shape,and in his best shape. Interviewer: It took a couple months to getto that form that you were before, or do you not worry as much, or how does it work? Taylor: What I learned is that I have to stayon it. I can’t ever give it up as long as I’m filmingthis franchise because it’s tough. If you stop at all it all loses like that. The biggest thing I learned is that it isjust as hard to maintain as it was to put on in the first place. The most challenging part was definitely theeating process. I basically had double my calorie intake perday eating every two hours, not the most yummy things. So did you hear what was going on there? It sounds pretty, almost painful for him. Very, very challenging. Something that he felt like you couldalmost hear the short term nature of his approach to eating.He was so rigid and so strict, and he waseating foods that he didn’t sound like he really even liked all that much and he waseating it so often throughout the day. let me tell you something, if you dontlike what you’re eating, I dont care how you’re eating right now, there’s a lot ofdifferent methods, and a lot of different styles of eating. I dont care what method you’re followingright now.If you dont like it and enjoy it, you’renever going to stick with it long term. What we’re talking about here is getting longterm sustainable gains. Not just looking good for summer. We dont want to just look good this summer. I want to see what you look like next summer,too. If you can’t find an eating plan that allowsyou to be consistent with it by liking what you’re following, it’s never going to worklong term.So back with what Zac Efron is doing. It’s been noted that he follows a very solidnutrition plan, but allows himself to break away and have a cheat day later in the week. I’ve been asked a lot of times about cheatdays and what my feelings are on them. I dont necessarily have cheat days. I dont necessarily have entire stretchesof meals put together where I’m eating things that I should be eating, or eating thingsthat are less desirable than a solid nutrition plan would provide, but you can do that. If that’s what you want to do and that’s goingto help you keep your sanity, that’s totally fine. In his case, I love that. I love the approach because it allowed himto stay locked in. it’s going to allow him to stay locked in,I feel, a lot longer than maybe in Taylor Lautner’s case.So, I’ve always used a batting average analogyin baseball because that’s sort of my background. If you were going to eat five meals a dayover the course of a week, that’s 35 meals in a week. If you eat six times a day that’s 42 mealsin a week. Let’s say you’re eating those 42. If you go 35 for 42, or 36 for 42, 37 for42; that’s a hell of a good batting average. You’d be going in the hall of fame if youdid that. Well, you can have that same approach to eating.Maybe you eat perfectly throughout that entireweek, but you save all those five meals for that one day on a Sunday. Great! No problem! It’s no different than spreading them outthrough the week, having one here, one here, and one here. The idea is, if you strive for perfectionand that consistency of perfection every single day, to the point where it feels like a deprivationto you, it’s never going to work. I think that’s what happened here to tripup Taylor, and it’s something that you dont have to have happen to you.As a matter of fact, our X-FACTOR meal plansare really sustainable and easy to follow because we allow you to pick the meals thatyou like from within all the meals that we provide and then allow you to stay consistentwith them because they’re not all that hard to prepare, they actually taste good, so younever feel like you’re missing out. If you want to work in your cheat meals Ieven show you how to do that in our program by selecting the individual meals, calculatingthem in to your overall ‘average’, you’re eating/batting average, and make somethingthat you can actually live with.So, guys, I hope you’ve found this video helpful. There’s a lot to learn from when we do thesecelebrity reviews. Are we all going to look exactly like them? No. Are we going to look like them in a month,ready for summer? Hell no. But if you can start following the major themesbehind what they’re doing, I’m telling you, your ability to change your body, the sky’sthe limit. Your ability to keep that body, most important,keep it that’s what we preach here all the time is definitely something thatyou can attain and something you can master once and for all. If you’re looking for a step by step plan,training like an athlete, all the elements we just covered and talked about, day by day,meal by meal; it’s over at ATHLEANX, guys. I’m happy to show you exactly how to do itevery single step of the way.All right, guys. I’ll be back here in just another couple ofdays. More videos, three videos every week. Let me know what you want me to see, whatyou want me to cover and I’ll do more of that in the days ahead. This video came from all the emails that youguys have written in to us. Tell me what else you want me to talk aboutand I’ll do that the best I can. All right, I’ll see you soon!.


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